Shotgun sync - any progress been made to fixing or ideas etc?

Started by Hanney, Dec 03, 2014, 10:19 PM

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I still see that the shotgun sync is really wonky in the latest version. Anyone else noticed it or had any theorys as to what's causing it? Since we're near release i'd be really concerned if this bug is still in the game at final release since its pretty much game breaking in my opinion. For anyone who doesn't know about it heres a video:

Notice the shots that are being fired by 2nd screen aren't 100% matching up with first screen: some are firing and some are not.

It means that if you fire the shotgun then transition into a fast glitch and try to fire again in a too short period of time the shot might not sync on the other players screen. It's quite frustrating if you knock someone over with shotgun then fast switch towards them and try to fire again  at them on the ground and the shotgun doesn't sync on their screen.

I'm not sure what causes it either but I think its still something to do with buttons being held down. Usually when i'm playing i'm holding the directional buttons for the next movement I want to make after a shotgun is fired off e.g holding W + D while firing so that I can fast switch and run diagonally north-east.

- Hanney



There's a pattern: this only happens on every other shot if you move quickly enough. That offers some hope that this should be a simple bug, if not a timing issue.