I have an Android dream


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I have an Android dream
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Back in 2009 and through 2010, I played VC-MP extensively. It was an amazing platform then. I loved the feeling of an online Gta world of ye Olde. But... Then along came the release of Android versions of the game. Since then hardware specs have doubled more than once in cell phones, and I have an old phone capable of playing Vice City on high settings. This is how I play VC these days!

Then, I had a dream.

What if, with the popularity of VC-MP, the developers toyed with the idea of an Android version port? The technical ramifications of a project like this are unknown without some research on my part. How did Rockstar port the game to Android? Is it possible to modify it? I see nil online about modding VC android. Maybe there is a reason for that. But possibly we could be shooting at eachother with virtual guns from virtual cars from our phones in our actual and literal physical airplane seats someday soon. Now that's a world I'd be OK with.

Is it doable? Fundable? Laughable?
I'm curious.


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Re: I have an Android dream
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VC:MP devs don't plan making an Android VC:MP modification . :I


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Re: I have an Android dream
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Would be cool and possible I believe, but they would have to go back and hook everything that's in the PC version to the android version.

I seen a PC emulator that seemed promising for GTA 3. It had sprite button options etc, that would be your better option