Can anyone do a tutorial how to get this running?

Started by kenshigo, Feb 21, 2018, 02:19 PM

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I got the game from steam, downloaded the MP, didn´t work. so i did my research and changed the update link, downloaded the crack and it looks like i´m getting closer and closer, but i´m still unable to run it and the "support" section seems kinda dead too...
i´m getting as far as the vice city multiplayer loading screen, then the message "game doesn´t work anymore" pops up and i see a lot of people having trouble too, so is there anyone who knows how to get this running and could do a little guide? i mean, i see people playing it and more would like to, so if you can, please help :)




I mean you bought the steam game?
If this happens to everyone, it means that the Steam version is not compatible with VCMP, or at least the paid and pirated version is different, if you see that the "game no longer works", it means that you accept but cannot run it. , try downloading a Grand Theft Auto vc for free
Here the link:

If this vc works for you, it means that the Steam version does not work due to possible differences


I just got mine working for the first time, here's how I did it on Windows 10 64bit.
1) Get vice city to load a new game, this means:
1.1) Open install folder, and set WinXP compatability on gta_vc.exe
1.2) Install the SilentPatch for GTAVC and the DDraw.dll too. -
1.3) Now GTA Vice City should be able to start, and start a new game also.
2) Install VCMP 0.4
2.1) Run as administrator.
2.2) Open VCMP and go to Tools -> Settings, change "Updater URL" to ""
If it has a / at the end of the url then it will break by the way ???? take notice of that lol.
2.3) Connect to any 0.4 server, it should update and load into the server.
3) You are now playing VC-MP!

I am using the Steam version, fresh install, but because vice city is now abandonware the fresh install does not work without SilentPatch.
I hope this helps ???? happy holidays.