Help me !


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Help me !
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Hello guys i need ur urgent help ,
I tried to edit vcmp_configurations and I set game_streammem value to 0 and now whenever i try to connect to a server the game loading bar keeps loading again and again till it crashes.
I tried editing the vcmp_config in Appdata back to normal configurations but still the problem didn't fade.
I uninstalled vcmp client and reinstalled it but the matter wasn't solved.
I tried other clients too like ysc's one but it didn't work too.
Pasting a fresh vcmp_config into the folder in appdata also failed ( the rel006 something ).
Other clients that seem to work on without any files also report the issue, they somehow seem to extract the memory and as such report the same error.

Note : My normal GTA : VC is runnin perfectly.


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Re: Help me !
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Loading and reloading and reloading?
Sounds like your gta:vc is modded.
Try with a vanila game.


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Re: Help me !
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If the problem persists, you can reinstall Vcmp and delete the file...