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[0.4] FunVice Deathmatch server
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FunVice Deathmatch server

Information and Credits:


Funvice has been introduced to the public on 07/24/2018 at version 0.1 BETA. The server has changed since then. It was first released as a Minigame and TDM server. The old script contained many bugs, so we had to script a new version, that's when we created FunVice Deathmatch version 0.1 in 2019. Today FunVice is a Multimode server, containing 4 gamemodes such as Roleplay, DeathMatch, Minigames and Story.


• Deathmatch:
In this gamemode you can pick your team and the goal is to kill every other player as many times as possible. You can also challenge other players in a duel using the cmd /newduel or join the FFA arena /fight. Achievements such as death, kill or event achievements can also be unlocked in this gamemode.

• Roleplay:
In the roleplay gamemode there are variations of jobs you can do, just like in real life. You can choose to work an illegal or legal job. Illegal jobs such as robbing the bank or delivering weapons. When doing an illegal job you will receive a wanted level and possibly go to jail if caught by the cops. Job locations are marked with a small green map marker on the radar. Enter the checkpoint at the location to get the job.

• Minigames:
Minigame gamemode is all about enjoyment and fun time. You can pick between the minigames that are in this gamemode. You can invite your friends to play the minigames with you or wait in the lobby for players to join you in a minigame. Once choosing a minigame you need to wait on its lobby for 2 minutes or less until the game starts. If you have chosen the wrong minigame you can use the command /leavematch to return to the main lobby.

• Story:
The story mode puts the player on the character of David. A survivor in an apocalyptic world in FunVice. You'll be able to do missions, tasks, and most importantly kill wanderers in the new story gamemode.  Story mode includes NPC's and dialogues that make the story feel more realistic.

Server Update Logs:


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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I dont really keep track of what I add to the server anymore. I should start doing it again. Here are some things I have added:

Code: [Select]
- Added new GUI notifications (Achievement notification, new duel, and warning) and player stats scoreboard. With the help of Umar.
- New gamemode Minigame (/gamemode):
- Added CTF and RTV minigames on the Minigame gamemode.
- New events:
- Murder mystery
- Knock Out
- Foot Race
Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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Code: [Select]
CHANGE LOG #1 (June 01, 2020)

- Spawnloc can now only be used World 1.
- Changed /playjingle cooldown to 60 seconds.
- The criminal will now receive a message when the cop /suspects him.
- Added the notification GUI for both Parkour and Kills Achievements.
- Commands (echat, warn, asay, mute, unmute, say, esay, spec, get, kick, ann, sethp, slap) can now be used in minigames too.
- Now almost every admin command can be used in Roleplay world too.
- Made changes to the duel system. Now when a player makes a score his HP will be set to 100, he will be teleported back to his duel spawn position and his weapon will be set to fist to prevent spawnkill.
- Added command /setwep for level 4 admins.
- Fixed a bug with the spree system.
- Fixed some GUI windows being messed up.
- Fixed Bait Shop GUI window closing every time you buy bait or sell fish.
- Fixed /bait message showing as Error when it should show as Message.

CHANGE LOG #2 (June 07, 2020)

- Added event score. Now when you win a server event you will get +1 score. Parkour stats were saved earlier so thats why sometimes you can have higher parkour score than events scores.
- Added Event stats to the player statistics scoreboard.
- Added new achievements when winning 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 events.
- Added a cool easter egg also censorship that I got as an idea from Stick Fight the game. Cuss words (f**got, n**ger, wh*re, sl*t) will be replaced with the message Rusty Rocks. #RustyRocks.
- Added commands to leave events (/leaveparkour, /leavelms, /leavekout, /leavefrace, /leavemurder, /leavehns)
- Fixed a bug with the duel system.
- Fixed a bug with /echat sending messages to everyone on the server when it should send messages to only event members.

CHANGE LOG #3 (September 06, 2020)

- Admin command /spypm is now replaced with /socialspy. It will also show censored messages to admins.
- Added the command /adisarm for admins to be able to disarm any player.
- The map marker in RTV will now display to both teams, so its easier to know where to deliver the car.
- Added 2 fishing locations, and a map marker to the locations only for the fisherman.
- Added the command /help to give more information about the gamemodes.
- Players will now show on the radar when they join roleplay or minigame world if they were originally invisible.
- Murder Mystery has been changed to a bigger map.
- In murder mystery now when the event starts there will be an announcement that shows your team.
- Murder Mystery time is increased from 90 seconds to 150 seconds.
Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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FunVice Roleplay Update
Code: [Select]
Added 89 new properties:

Havana House - $500000
Haiti Small House - $200000
Haiti Big House - $300000
Starfish Mansion - $800k - $850k
Vice Point Mansion - $750k - $1.5M

- Added new property command /enterint to enter your prop interior. (Interiors converted from GTA SA.)
- Added command /leaveint to leave the prop interior.
- Added new command /breakjail. You can attempt to breakjail for 2000$. If you fail to complete the quick time event you can try again.
- Added /robstats command. Will display how many stores you have robbed, also the amount of cash you have earned from robbery.
- Added new command /copstats. It will display your Arrests and Cop Rank.

- Added a new job. Car Dealer. You will be given a random vehicle model to find and deliver at sunshine.
- Added command /cardeal to check the vehicle model you have to find if you are working as a car dealer.
- Added a new Jingle to buy at the music store Halloween Special. It can be played at any time of the year (not just halloween).

- Improved the quick time event for bank robbery and break jail. It will now have a 3 second delay before starting and also an announcement.
- Fixed a bug with the quick time event displaying the key even after it had ended.
- Command /getcar can no longer be used if you are jailed.
- Fixed the Jail Time displaying as 1:56 now displays as 01:56 and from 1:9 to 01:09.

FunVice Roleplay gamemode has 8 jobs. Jobs: Medic, Cop, Security Guard, Gun Dealer, Fisherman, Courier, Lumberjack, Car dealer
FunVice also has 2 other gamemodes: Main gamemode Deathmatch and Minigames.
FunVice Minigame gamemode has 3 Minigames. Minigames: RTV(rob the vehicle), CTF(capture the flag), Blue VS Red.


Angel.OfDeath and Emma (Assistant Scripters)
Umar (Assistant GUI Scripter)

This Update Credits:

Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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FunVice Version 0.6 release (Roleplay Update and bug fixes)

Code: [Select]
New added features
- Added Business Properties in Roleplay. [The owner of the business gets the profits when his business is used by a player]
- Added a list with commands for unregistered users on /cmds.
- Added /rob command. You can use the command to rob 5% of the players cash.
- Added /rpkeys. It will show a list of hotkeys you can use in roleplay.
- Added casinos in different locations.
- Added command /slotmachine. You can place a bet and win double the price if you get 777.
- Added command /rolldice. You can predict a number and roll the dice. If you predict the correct number you win.
- Added pharmacy. You can now buy health kit, aspirin, and sober pill at any pharmacy.
- Added garbageman job for roleplay.
- Added command /dump for the garbageman.
- Added 7 new properties at Vicepoint
- Added 11 businesses.

New changes
- Enabled more commands from unregistered users.
- Organized the commands to more subcategories so its easier to find the command you are looking for.
- Spawn weapons (/spawnwep) will now have 9999 ammo instead of 300.
- Changed the economic system so the server only keeps 10% of the original price when you sell a prop or vehicle instead of half.
- Removed the /kill command and added /suicide and /die instead. You can not use the command in roleplay.
- You can no longer get a new GUI menu if one is already opened.
- Changed the medic heal key from LMB to RMB so the player doesnt lose health while healing.
- Made it so cops can no longer arrest frozen players.
- Players can no longer buy work vehicles in roleplay.
- Civilians will now be wanted when they kill innocent workers if their wanted level is 0.
- Wanted players can no longer change gamemode when there are cops online.
- Changed the amount of ammo you get from buying M4 in roleplay from 30 to 60.
- Players can now own a total limit of 6 cars instead of 3.
- Wanted players can now teleport to their property if there are no cops online.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an old bug with /resetcarowner not decreasing the car limit value.
- Fixed the bug where the player could rob inside a vehicle.
- Fixed a recent bug that would allow players to rob a shop more than once without a time limit.
- Fixed the /vote timer to only display for players in DeathMatch so it doesnt interrupt the other minigame timers.
- Fixed a bug with the cop arrest, the cop could instantly arrest a group of players if they were close to each other.
- Fixed a bug where the player would still be healed from fast food even if he was teleported away from the checkpoint.
- Fixed a bug with health stopping at 95% when healing from fast food instead of stopping when its higher than 95%.
- Fixed a bug when you would buy M4 in roleplay it would say you bought it for 1000$ but the price was 5000$.
- Fixed a bug with players being able to teleport to property while they werent spawned yet.
- Fixed a bug where players could buy the RTV vehicle, thats no longer possible.


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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FunVice Version 0.7 release. The Story Update.

Code: [Select]
Added a new gamemode, the Story mode. The story mode puts the player on the character of David. A survivor in an apocalyptic world in FunVice.
You'll be able to do missions, tasks, and most importantly kill wanderers in the new story gamemode. Story mode includes NPC's and dialogues that make the story feel more realistic.

Story Credits:

Story and dialogues writer - Xhefri
NPC AI script - Angel.OfDeath / Xhefri
Basic Zombie Object - Athanatos
Custom Content Assistant: Sebastian
Cop Zombie Objects: GTA San Andreas (Fixed by Sebastian)
Skins/Object models: From GTA San Andreas and Vice City. (Converted by Xhefri)
Custom Files Source: [url=http://www.libertycity.net]www.libertycity.net[/url]
Map Editing: GTA Raccoon Story / Sebastian / Xhefri

All Credits for this patch: Xhefri, Leviosa, Umar, Sebastian, Angel.OfDeath

Other Bug fixes and features:

- Added new team Unlockable Team. With all the skins you can unlock to use.
- Added skin selection GUI menu for Unlockable Team. (by Umar)
- Added new command /airdrop, to check the distance between the player and the active airdrop.
- Added /tempbaninfo command for admins to check temporary ban information.
- Added a new /help menu. (Umar)
- Added information about the story gamemode to the /help menu.
- Added new jingle sound to Roleplay music story (Story Jingle).
- Added RP ( Roleplay Points) for the roleplay gamemode.
- Added ranks based on RP statistics:

- Ranks

0 - 20 RP: Citizen
20 - 100 RP: Associate
100 - 300 RP: Capo
300 - 500 RP: Consigliere
500 - 700 RP: Underboss
700 - 1000 RP: Boss

*At the moment there is no use for Roleplay Points or a way to gain them*

- The cmd for /die animation is changed to /dead
- Changed the Gangster Team color to a warmer color.
- DeathMatch kill messages will no longer appear for players in Roleplay/Story gamemode.
- Airdrop message will now only be sent to players in DeathMatch world.
- Improved the spawnwep system.
- Players that die inside the shooting competition will now spawn at the range.
- Spawn protection system will no longer work for Roleplay gamemode.
- The command /skins has been removed as it no longer serves a purpose.
- Vehicles Hunter and Sea Sparrow, now have a cooldown of 15 minutes when they are destroyed.
- Players that are in story gamemode will not be able to Send/Receive chat messages by default.
- Replaced Fish stats with Roleplay Rank on player /stats.
- Made it so the /help menu now works when you're spawned or/and if you're not in world 1.

- Fixed a bug with players receiving the wrong weapons when dying inside shooting competition.
- Fixed a bug with some checkpoint colors in Roleplay world.
- Fixed a bug with /tempban timer. (Leviosa)
- Fixed a bug with prop owner and shared owners not updating when transfer stats.

- Removed some maps that were unused as part of an unfinished project.
- Removed command /joinmap, /maps as no longer function for anything.
- Removed one of the Staff Team skins entirely.


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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Quote from Athanatos on March 1st, 06:41 PM
Uuuuu gotta try the story mode, how long is it?
Not too long I think, like 40 minutes? never timed it. However, it should save progress so you dont have to play it in 1 go.


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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Chapter 1 Ended
1.Spend my half hour finding Ellie, she want even there u just have to get into a tent with  a wep
2.That finall boss mode with armour and wave of wanderers were a bit tiring

the whole mode was great


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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Quote from MEGAMIND on March 1st, 09:28 PM
1.Spend my half hour finding Ellie, she want even there u just have to get into a tent with  a wep
2.That finall boss mode with armour and wave of wanderers were a bit tiring

the whole mode was great
Me and Sebastian planned for the Boss Fight to be very tough because it was the last mission. That's why we included armor and waves of wanderers.
One thing that I noticed today while testing Aaron's rotation was messed up. I fixed that now so it should work better.
I am glad you liked the story overall.

- Fixed a bug with Aaron's rotation when you go to the base.


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Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
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yea aron had issue
need more missions
this time why not use habi's plugin?: to get a real anim and walk mode styles and fight style

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