FunVice Deathmatch server


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FunVice Deathmatch server
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                            FunVice Deathmatch server


                              Server IP:
                              Version: 0.5
                              Developer: Xhefri
                              Scripters: Xhefri, Emma
                              Beta Testers: Kelvin, 3moreee^, elop69, Emma


Funvice was released in 07/24/2018 at version 0.1 BETA. The server has changed since then. It was firstly released as a Minigame and TDM server. The old script contained many bugs, so we had to script a new version, thats when we created FunVice Deathmatch version 0.1 in 2019. The server is a DM server and it also has an optional roleplay gamemode.

                       Server Update Logs:
(click to show/hide)
FunVice Version 0.5 release.

Team that worked in the making of this version:




Kelvin (+ vehicles in roleplay world)

Added new minigame Hide and Seek. (/joinhns)
Added new command /respawn so players can respawn without using /kill.
Added new command /nuke to buy and activate a nuke.
Added new command /roleplay to join the roleplay world.
Added new command /eventlevel to check if the player is a event staff member.

Added admin command /aspawn to force players to spawn.
Added Event Member team. Members of event staff are responsible to host events.
Added a command for owners to control staff action easier.

Added cooldown when using rocket to avoid certain glitches.
Fixed a bug that was with the /fix command.
Changed the account limit to 2 when joining from the same computer.

New Roleplay World (Beta Version)

- New random Death and Kill messages.
- 2 characters. Boy and Girl.
- Added new vehicles in this world.

Commands added so far (only for roleplay world):

- Added roadblock to create a road block.
- Added /me to roleplay with other players.
- Added /character to pick your character.
- Added /deathmatch to return to death match world.

Report any bug you find in the server. Also test /roleplay world and see if its anything wrong with it since it is in the beta version still.

FunVice Version 0.4 release

- Added /announce for every player to send a text announcement.
- Added new command /world to check player world.
- Added duel system. (/newduel, /duel)
- Added new command !cd to start a countdown.
- Added command category for minigame commands. (/minigamecmds)
- Added /disarm command
- Added the shooting competition commands (/joinrange, /leaverange)

- Added /setweather command for admins
- Added /warn to verbally warn a player. Will also add /permawarn in a future version
- Added /setskin command for admins

- Fixed some Vice City map bugs.
- Fixed the bug with vehicle system.
- Fixed showroom making the z a little higher

Shooting Competition:

Its a very simple minigame where you can compete with your friends or 3 other players in a shooting range where you have to shoot the target. Its still in beta since more can be added in this minigame in the future. Its fun and also makes sense since the server is DM and players can even practice their aim by shooting at the target.

                            FunVice Version 0.3 release

Team that worked on the making of this version:

Scripted: Xhefri, Angel.OfDeath
Tested by: Rainbow_Dash, 3moreee, elop69

- Added team chat command. (/tc, /teamchat).
- Added /car command to check vehicle informations.
- Added fight arena to make it easier for a group of players to fight. (/fight, /leavefight)/
- Added lms minigame. Chainsaw, Grenade and Normal. (/joinlms, /joinlms2, /joinlms3).
- Added /team command to check players team.
- Added /host command to check the server up time since the last restart.
- Added /gamesettings to check the server settings.
- Added ignore system. (/ignore, /unignore)

- Added /transferstats command for admins.
- Added /eventcmds for admins to organise event commands better
- Added admin commands to start the lms.
- Added IP ban for admins (/banip, /unbanip)
- Added a way for admins to check pm's send in server.

- Fixed teams to not kill other team members.
- Disabled !showroom for players in minigames
- Disabled commands (/agoto, /get, /slap...) for admins to not use in minigame players.
- Opened the closed door at washington dock.
- Improved spawn protection.
- Fixed subnet alias bug.
- Added more messages at FunVice auto messages.
- Fixed Unkown weapon message on mod weapons.
- Removed old modded weapons and added new one.

FunVice Version 0.2 release

Server is now officially opened in the version 0.2. Any script update will be released with versions like this one.

Team that worked on the making of this version:

Scripted: Xhefri, Angel.OfDeath
Tested by: Rainbow_Dash, 3moreee

- Added group chat (/joingc, /gclist, /gc)
- Added report (/report)
- Added parkour system (/parkour1, /parkour2, /joinparkour1, joinparkpour2)
- Added animation cmds (/animationcmds)
- Added achievements for kills, deaths and parkour wins.
- Added info commands: /id, /forum, /time, /credits, /rules, /discord.
- Added Sunday special team, 2 more girl team skins, added 11 new mod skins (/skins).
- Added a car limit of 3 cars and new car commands /flip and /eject.
- Added /radar and /playsound.
- Added /weekgift for rewards on monday.
- Added player limit you can only use 1 account at the same time.
- Added message on /goto command.
- Added spree system with killing spree rewards (!spree).
- Added local chat to chat with players near you (/talk).
- Added spectating system for players (/spectate, /exitspec).

- Added /mute and /unmute so admins can mute.
- Added /addnotes and /notes so admins can make notes to each other.
- Added /aeject, /slap and /drown.
- Added level to /baninfo command.
- Added /sendtoloc.
- Added voting system for admins to start a poll.
- Added spectating system for admins (/spec, /exitspec).
- Added announce command for admins. (/ann).
- Added command for admins to set health (/sethp).

- Fixed /country command displaying wrong countries.
- Updated the country data to a newer one.
- Updated the ban system so it doesn't display when a banned user gets kicked and join the server.
- Updated quiz to only work with more then 2 players in server.
- Added more messages to FunVice auto messages


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