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ammo problem
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hi when entering a vehicle, change weapon to driveby type. this is the idea.

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function onPlayerEnterVehicle( player, vehicle, door )
local wepid = player.GetWeaponAtSlot( 5);
local ammo =  player.GetAmmoAtSlot(5);
if(wepid != 0 )player.SetWeapon( wepid, ammo );
but this is not working correctly in game, the ammo increases when entering vehicle.


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Re: ammo problem
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Try adding that code inside that VC:MP callback to onPlayerEnteringVehicle.


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Re: ammo problem
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Try player.SetWeapon(wepid,0)
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Re: ammo problem
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guys first of all, i left the problem. ie. what to us if the poorplayer get little ammo

and i think it was problem with bug.
Quote from DarkRaZoR^ on February 9th, 2020, 01:27 AM
Try adding that code inside that VC:MP callback to onPlayerEnteringVehicle.
tried and found not working still
Quote from Athanatos on February 9th, 2020, 11:32 AM
Try player.SetWeapon(wepid,0)
if we do that, weapon itself gone.

bug, i mean, with vcmp
ie. player.GetAmmoAtSlot


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Re: ammo problem
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I faced this problem too, and yeah - seems like we cannot get the ammo of player's weapon while in a car.
But I think this was happening only for passengers - don't know about driver.


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Re: ammo problem
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Code: [Select]
player.Slot = 5;

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