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Can anyone help me with this?


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Can anyone help me with this?
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I am trying to play the game after a long time but this error is occurring, would anybody tell me what the reason could be I just downloaded the game from internet I have no idea which version it has. it says you are using older version of vcmp, connection rejected.


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Re: Can anyone help me with this?
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Quote from: Hanney
Currently the vc-mp update server is down. This means that automatic version downloads do not work. You will need to manually download the version required to play and put it into your vc-mp folder.

    1) Download the following archive file:
    2) Right click your VCMP browser shortcut file and select 'Open File Location'
    3) Extract '04rel006' folder into this location from the .zip archive. Normally this location is 'C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Vice City Multiplayer'