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[0.4] Extreme Fighting Zone || efz-server.ml
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Server: Extreme Fighting Zone Official Server
Slots: 100
Gamemode: DM - Beta 0.1 (JAVA) 
Developers: @Gulk, @Decent_946
Credits: @Newk(Scripting), @RoyStang(Forum logo and badges)
Website: https://efz-server.ml/
Discord: https://discord.gg/MpRTHdw

The Server
Get ready to experience pure Death Match. Extreme Fighting Zone (EFZ) brings you the joy to fight, survive and win rewards!
No complicity, No restrictions, Just Death Match. EFZ has been developed in JAVA, the world's top programming language.
We aim to bring you a lag/bug/desync free server to enjoy the gaming.
The Community
EFZ welcomes everyone to be a part of our community by joining us in the server, discord and our website. We work to
keep things simple and accessible to everyone. Being a part of VC-MP, we understand the needs of players.
EFZ believes, "Simplicity is the best policy". We'll continue to introduce things that are simple and joyful for you. ;)
The server is administrated by well-known players in VC-MP. With our experience in the game, We promise
to revolutionalize the future of Vice City Multiplayer with never-ending entertainment. We're 24/7 available
to support our players and provide them a ground where they can enjoy the DM without any restrictions.
Experience pure Death-Match. Come join us right now! https://efz-server.ml/