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[ Account system ] v0.1 by SHy
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Hi, I made a account system which I would like to release in the forum. It might have some bugs but I tested everything and found no bugs. I hope y'all will appreciate me :D .

Commands: register, login, setautologin( or autologin ), setpass, stats, deposit, withdraw, givecash, bank( or cash).

Note: The bank system is simple and does NOT requires the user to be in bank, if you want to have the player in a specific place ( bank ), try adding it yourself. The system contains IP+Uid+Uid2 saved for autologin or other stuff. If you find any bug, please report it to me here or in PM and I'll try to fix it asap,. Some functions are NOT made by me.

Me :P
SLC for GetTok, NumTok and GetPlayer functions.

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