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the server does not appear in the masterlist


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the server does not appear in the masterlist
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A few days ago I realized that the servers that you asked for are not appearing in the masterlist. I noticed that something comes out in the cosola

Code: [Select]
Vice City Multiplayer Server


v0.4, (c) 2007-2014 VC:MP Team

Loaded plugin: xmlconf04rel64

announcer: Verbosity enabled

Loaded plugin: announce04rel64

Loaded plugin: squirrel04rel64

Loaded plugin: sqlite04rel64

Loaded plugin: sockets04rel64

Loaded plugin: hashing04rel64

Loaded plugin: json04rel64

Loaded plugin: vcmp-squirrel-mmdb-rel64

Loaded plugin: geoip04rel64

Loaded plugin: actor64

** Started VC:MP 0.4 Server **

Port: 8192

Max players: 100

[MODULE]  Loaded server.conf Loader for 0.4 by Stormeus

[MODULE]     >> Loaded server.conf for parsing

[MODULE]     >> Applied settings

[MODULE]     >> Loaded classes

[MODULE]     >> Loaded vehicles

[MODULE]     >> Loaded pickups

[MODULE]  Loaded server.conf successfully

announcer: Thread created, ready to announce.

[MODULE]  Loaded SqVCMP 0.4 frontend by Stormeus. (v1.0)

announcer: Candidate for hostname found, trying to connect...

[SCRIPT]  ------------------------------------

[SCRIPT]  Server name: [RD]Latino America VCMP

[SCRIPT]  ------------------------------------

[SCRIPT]  Echo Loaded

[SCRIPT]  [RD]Latino America VCMP v5.7 creado por hendrix iniciado.

[SCRIPT]  Confirming echo bot details...

[SCRIPT]  Bot details confirmed!

[SCRIPT]  Vehiculos Cargados 312

[SCRIPT]  312 and 311

[SCRIPT]  [Loaded] Alias - 6743

[MODULE]  Loaded SQLite3 for VC:MP by Stormeus.

[MODULE]  Loaded sq_sockets for VC:MP by the LU Dev Team (ported by Stormeus).

[MODULE]  Loaded JSON for 0.4 by Crys.

[SqMMDB] Loaded SqMMDB plugin for SqVCMP by ysc3839. (plugin api: 2.0)

[MODULE]  Loaded GeoIP for 0.4 by Crys.

>> Loaded GeoIP.dat (GeoIP Country Edition)

[MODULE]  Loaded module for create_actor

[SCRIPT]  Attempting to set user, nick and mode....

[SCRIPT]  Task completed successfully.

[SCRIPT]  Succesfully joined #LA!

announcer: Failed to announce to; socket failed to connect to host (0)

announcer: Candidate for hostname found, trying to connect...

this is an ip from one of the servers. but none of the servers that I give them free hosting appear.


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Re: el servidor no aparece en la lista maestra
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Quote from AdTec_224 on October 3rd, 11:29 PM
That IP has been banned from the masterlist as it was a fake version of an official server (proof). Anyone hosting scam servers like this will be banned without warning.
The IP is from the [SD] Private Deathmatch Server and it had a security problem in the / exec command and a funny change the name of the server. and in which part of the forum do I apply to unblock the ip.