[0.4] The Demolition Wars

Started by Spiller, Oct 20, 2020, 05:52 AM

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The Demolition Wars
Releasing 24th October

We are happy to finally announce release date for our server.
Save this date! Saturday 24th of October at 15 GMT.
After dedicating 3+ months of time into the server, we are glad that everything has been put in place.

The development does not stop here, we will keep adding new features constantly to the server.
Together with the release, staff applications will be opened to public for numerous ranks.



Ah yes, an other generic mindless DM server - VCMP haters

On a serious note: Tbh idk.


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Credits: [ULK]Gu1k


Haha,  nais video!
That camera feature is quite great, and so looks the gui and the checkpoints.
Goos job!

Berkay Khan

The Demolition Wars
Releasing Today,15 GMT

The time has come! It's happening today by 15 GMT, make sure you don't miss the fun  :thumbsup:

Coded an advanced and enhanced gameplay guide mode which briefs you about the game-mode in around 1 minute and 30 seconds guide session. You must take it via command /help gamemode if you haven't played any beta sessions.