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[0.4] [EvoDM] | Evolution Death Match Server
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We would like to invite you to be part of the project again, since this server have been launched we had a lot of feedback by the Evolution Players.
EvoDM developers expect the same to this reopening.
A new beginning brings new features, a new events, a new staff team, a new design. That's what "Evolution" stands for, the revolutions is coming.

Forum: http://evolution.thijn.ovh
Discord: https://discord.gg/666CwKzXjb
Hosted by: Thijn
Scripter: Mashreq
Bug Reports section
Suggestion section

We would like to invite you this Sunday (22nd November) to the re-open ceremony.
Tomorrow at 16 GMT, (Saturday 21st, November) the server will be opened to have a private test, you will be able to join using the password which will be placed at our discord.


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