[0.4]Vice City Deathmatch

Started by Roystang, Apr 02, 2021, 08:18 PM

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Vice City Deathmatch.

Scripter/Developer & Artwork: [VU]Royo / [VU]Roystang
Players slot: 100
Gamemode:: VCDM v1.0
Host: OneVice

Join our discord server now: https://discord.gg/59MYg8EFUR

The server promotes simple and casual deathmatching in VC:MP. Lot more features are ahead to come. The server is still under development stages so incase of any bugs, you can report them on our discord server.

Special thanks to Xmair, Anish Inferno & Beta testers for help during scripting phase. Also thanks to OneVice for providing host.


Script has been re-written from scratch.

Note: Server is expected to produce bugs due to solo development. Server is open for public beta without prior comprehensive testing. In-case of any bugs. Please report at #bug-reports

Server IP: vcmp.net:1234 //

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