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Started by AroliS^, Apr 13, 2021, 02:03 AM

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Mailer by AroliS^

- What it is? Mailer is a VC-MP Library that allows you to send emails from your server with ease. Whether you want to communicate with your users or just notify yourself when something has gone wrong, one of the options for doing so is through mail

- How to use it?
1. download the file here
2. need to create an account -> here
3. need to place this on onScriptLoad
-- Loading the file
dofile( "scripts/mailer.addon" );

-- Creating the connection
mailer.Create ("mail.smtp2go.com", "Email Address given by website", "Password given by website")2. need to place this on onPlayerCommand and fill up the needs boxes
if (cmd=="sendemail") {
     mailer.Say ( "Email address given by website", "Sender Nick", "Receiver Email address", "Receiver Nick", "subject", @"
           body html & text



plugin needed is: https://github.com/VCMP-SqMod/VCMP-Hash/releases
any suggestions or ideas are welcomes.
Support: AroliS^#4661

Happy coding <3
Lemme love ya


Excellent contribution friend, you can give a lot of use to this!