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Started by gta5, Jan 02, 2021, 03:14 AM

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IP: - Hosted in Los Angeles, CA for now

Server Forum
Online Stats



More coming soon as well as bug fixes. The server is in very early stages still.

Change Log (Estimated Dates)

 12/12 Server created, installed base script found on vcmp forums
 12/13 Bug Fixes - Fixed stats not recording kills / deaths
 12/14 Fixed Cash increase onPlayerkill
 12/15 Added New Skins, fixed bug with chat messages not appearing, added goto cmd
 12/16 Added Vehicle Lamborghini Gallardo
 12/17 Added Radio channels, /wep command
 12/18 Added real police feed to radio and cop cars
 12/19 Added nogoto, spawnweps
 12/22 Spree system finished
 12/23 Added Cash Pickup System
 12/27 PM font color changed, buycar bug fixed, admin levels added
 12/29 Modified cash pickup system, created health pickup on player death, added gotolocs
 12/30 Created Server Forum
 12/31 Added Online Stats, installed SSL certificate for online stats page using a wildcard DNS service to get a domain for the ip address,
 01/01 Added more items to online stats

To Do

convert important things from the old pure dm written in mIRC to squirrel

Old 0.3zR2 Pure DM




good luck man i like last video xd


01/13 Changed server time rate to zero and time to 12:00
01/14 - New Skins
01/15 Added pickups to teleport into hidden / glitched interiors
01/16 - New Spawn Screen
01/17 - Automatic HP hack (detects if hp >= 100, max hp in server is 99), Armour hack, vehicle hp hack detection system, fix command disabled on Hunter
01/18 Added music to spawn screen (Randomly selected between wii shop channel music, wii mii channel music, mario kart 64 theme song)
01/19 Changed spawn screen
01/20 Added /check to check if a player is hp cheating. It sets player hp to 99, drops them from air and then checks their hp value again. Can be used by all players.
01/23 Added new textures and an extra building to army base. Updated Max Spree to set max spree whenever it is > current spree. Checked on a timer with savestats instead of updating maxspree only on player death


Added /topspree and /rank


Love this server keep it up bro


01/03 - Added saveloc, changed chat colors, updated stats billboard, making some changes to anti cheat system


03/03 - VPS failed
03/04 - Re-scripted 80%+ of the server



Quote from: gta5 on Mar 05, 2021, 05:27 PM03/03 - VPS failed
03/04 - Re-scripted 80%+ of the server


Oh boy,  I enjoyed the video so much!
Wish players would do more crazy videos like this


That video made my fucking day lmao

Credits to Boystang!

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Gito Baloch

duhh last video made me laugh so hard XD btw nice srvr
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Haven't posted in a while. The script is almost back 100% to what it was before the data loss. Still need to fix web stats and a couple other things.

Pickup System:


June 6th:

Updated Anti cheat ( /check ), now it can detect disabled shooting animations.
Ban list cleared


Coming soon: "Mario kart" style racing. When I have the time, I will add pickups that do things like freeze other players in the race, different items, etc. Version 1 will be ready and on the public server soon.