[0.4] Vice Freemode Server - Deathmatch / Roleplay / Freeroam

Started by Inferno, Apr 14, 2021, 05:47 PM

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Vice Freemode Server (aka VFS) is a VC:MP server which was initially started by Gito and Inferno around May 2020 with name of Vice Freeroam Server, having simple deathmatching gamemode. Over the passage of time, it was updated and made a deathmatching and roleplay server.
Later on, Anish joined in the scripting panel. Followed by a few other scripters, invited by Gito, who were later on, kicked due to security reasons.
Afterwards, the server conducted a total of 4 events namely, M4 Masters which became a good success and increased player count and other fairly satisfactory major events, Tournament of Death (Team DM), Crazy Racing Tournament (Race) and Hunt the Treasure (Roleplay).

A brief information regarding the gamemode.
VFS has been rescripted with the aim of a multimode server, featuring 6 different gamemodes.
Categorised into - DM and Roleplay, 3 gamemodes each.
Upon joining, you are spawned at the lobby where you can enter a checkpoint to choose a gamemode. All the gamemodes have unique skins, commands and class selection locations.The server is currently moderated and being developed peridiocally with weekly updates.


The gamemode provides you with a pure experience of death matching whether in 1vs1 , all vs all or between a team. All the necessary Death matching functions and commands are present along with preventions. This gamemode is complete and updates are made periodically to make it better. Currently, no vehicles are available in this gamemode as to avoid any FPS drop for the players, Jitter system helps ensure a smooth gameplay. Teleportation commands can help you teleport anywhere you want to.
Most commands are free of cost but there is unlockable requirement on some features to make the gamemode competitive. 
Stats system is separate from other gamemodes.

Team DM:
The gamemode provides a competitive gamemode between 2 teams (Grey and White). Both teams have unique custom skins. There are many unlockables available to discover new stuff in this gamemode. This gamemode is primarily based on objective system as well as on Brawls. One team plays as a defending side while other as an attacking side which will have to complete the objectives in order to win. This gamemode is currently under-construction and will be available to play in updates.

The gamemode provides you with a non-deathmatching semi-roleplay competitive gameplay, where you can have race with other players and win rewards and unlock many achievements which are beneficial in the gameplay. This gamemode is currently under construction and will be available in updates.

The gamemode provides you with a roleplaying gamemode where you can freely roam as in singleplayer GTA VC, do stunts, find hidden packages to win rewards and complete short missions and side missions. Cheat codes are also added which are used based on script. You can use them to fun around and to shortcut game tasks. This gamemode has recently been released.

Battle Royale:
The gamemode provides you with a small portion of Deathmatching events known as Battle Royale Gameplay. Its a Last Man Standing gamemode where you will have to kill everyone in round and survive till last to win the round. There are no respawns. You will spawn unarmed and have to find and pick weapons to attack. The faster you do , the more you will survive. This gamemode is almost complete and will be published soon.

This is the major roleplay gamemode having the wide variety of features. Currently there are 11 Jobs which can help you earn, meanless deathmatching is not allowed here.
Each job has different unlockables and rewards alongwith rank system. Vehicles and Properties can be purchased. You can make a good collection for yourself to show off.


Server Name : [0.4] Vice Freemode Server - Deathmatch/Roleplay/Freeroam
Server IP :
Server Location : London
Max Players : 100
Base : Squirrel
Website: https://vfs.vcmp.net/
Forum : https://vfs.vcmp.net/forum/
Panel : https://vfs.vcmp.net/panel/
Discord : https://vfs.vcmp.net/discord/
Credits :
Inferno (Scripting, Mapping, Modeling),
Anish (Scripting, Client-side and Custom Content Creation, Coordination, Hosting, Website and Discord),
Spiller and Umar (Client-side Support, Coordination),
Shy and Sebastian (Snippets),
OneVice (Hosting),
Luckshya (Constant help with Discord Module)

Viva la VU
VFS Developer
VCCNR Administrator


Viva la VU
VFS Developer
VCCNR Administrator


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Viva la VU
VFS Developer
VCCNR Administrator


Viva la VU
VFS Developer
VCCNR Administrator