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India cheaters
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is there any probability the developers would fix the cheating issue in servers, or at least do something about the servers who refuse to?

in the meantime, avoid playing on "GboyZ" unless you wanna cap some aimlockers
the staff refuses to ban this guy for the reason DarkFox himself uses shit

cheater proof

it's same aimbot as Kewun made public on his channel (you could check it out yourself), no matter whtat moves i make the guy will still manage to headshot me immediatly

this is the lamest version of the aimbot as it can be easily defeated with very little tactic, but that i'll show in next video when i catch this fool

meanwhile, I'm waiting for a sign that developers still care... if i didn't disturb them with this topic that is

the staff refuses under any conditions to ban this guy, so if you wanna deal with him, you need to pack some skills, as usual
Re: India cheaters
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when somebody makes report in gboyz server & darkfox reaction on this topic (alonewarrior got banned for saying the truth):


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Re: India cheaters
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Not only indians are problem. Some Romanian guy are keep using cheats on public community servers. Look at the ammo count, it's acting weird, clip decreases, but total ammo count increases.


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Re: India cheaters
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YEEEE.. that is how i manage to kill 6 vs me

oh btw i was using 60 fps too, i made my name known in LW
however i dont remember using hacks in servers im not banned cuz i said to morphine "u can fuck off from #H&H" :))

and since you're here, i guess another cheating issue is right this one

you and PAPA are accomplices, you were found using some .ini files, and got kicked, afterwards you removed it and started playing with M60.. *STRANGE INDEED*

Gito Baloch

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Re: India cheaters
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You are 100% right Hunting. a month ago i was playing gboyz i saw papa he was making sprees on newbies hhh i went to him to kill him but bru his m4 was too good or smth he was using m4 in close range and was raping the whole server with his m4. first i thought he has good m4 skills but after this hes a aimlocker confirmed yep


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