servers sync problem solved

Started by HunTinG, Jun 17, 2021, 06:20 PM

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ok after noticing KoTH's bizzare sync behaviour, i decided to investigate what is causing all of this

and so I asked personally some of the VU's high rank members to run a test version of KoTH, which doesn't contain ANY SINGLE GUI.

and, obviously, i wasn't shocked to see that my theory was true.

I could tell the differences pretty easy
I simply joined FunVice server and KoTH in parallel, and started spraying M4 horizontally and vertically

I used the same DPI and ingame sensitivity for both of the servers... and they corresponded

later, Luckshya (HI LUCKSHYA) disabled the zone border GUI, and I noticed that even though the sensitivites were the same in both of my game perspectives, KoTH had a LOT less accuracy of response to my mouse driver, much unlike FunVice (which is a clean of any GUI)

eventually, we tested and tested until something interesting came out.. when Luckshya removed "End round GUI", the controlls started responding normally like they should, and eventually corresponded (at least 90%) to FunVice which again, is a clean server

to note: we haven't done ANY other changes other than simply removing the GUI

if anybody has a server and wants to test out whether the GUI influences the gameplay or not, simply call me, i'm available almost always in VCMP

this topic is special for DOOM_KILLER and [MKt]Spiller, who previously blamed me for 'talking shit' and who STILL say that GUI has no impact in VCMP at all...

ask Gangstaras, he came with a benchmark tester, and we compared results from KoTH with GUI and KoTH without ANY GUI

PS: we didnt just use command /setgui off/on, the GUI code was COMPLETELY erased from the game codes, along with anything related

after that, Luckshya started removing gradually the GUI, until we came to the realization that "End Round GUI" caused most (if not all) the lag and desync

then axxo and others let me know that the GUI that was removed were actually 4K images, 1080p images, and there is still a lot more of them present in KoTH(meaning sync could get EVEN BETTER)

the best proof that the GUI influences the sync is concrete: compare servers that almost don't have any bit of GUI to those who do have, start 2 games simulatneously(with game_windowed 0) and keep switching windows, you will eventually notice the difference.

waiting for opinions on this matter... it's a serious one indeed, because thanks to this, servers become boring and annoying, and playercount drops signifficantly


This its very interesant because can be very funny the playability in a server without a bad desync or lag in the weapons/animations , good work hunting and koth staff.