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Started by Kratos_, Oct 17, 2014, 12:06 PM

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I saw that VCMP 0.4 client creates a configuration file which is editable by the user.  There I saw an option for asi file, regarding allowing/disallowing its patching up with the server that the player is going to connect. Actually, this asi file is the mod that will be visible in the server If the player allows it. By default it will allow  the asi file to execute.
But, I found that through this we can even edit player's animations. The glitch/fly/speed gear used by some chinese player have been created using this. < I'm not saying chinese are hackers. I saw it used only by some chinese players.>
Someone might heard of CLEO here. CLEO is actually a hack through which we can even modify player animation without interferring with ped.ifp file which controls player movements.
Actually, some of the animations are captured in cleo files and there is another file called Master File, cleo.asi . This cleo.asi provides a way to link the hack < Animation > with the
 I saw that following can be done using cleo:-
2.The MasterThread < Player health can be restored just by flying >
3.Player can swim < He will never drown in water >
4.Weapon hack
5.Player can be able to spawn any car in the server.
6.Random Cash < Can get any cash at any time >
CLEO isn't a particular hack. Almost all chinese hacks are based on this.
Actually by disallowing the asi file in the configuration file, we might restrict this cleo hack. But, in turn we have to do compromise with mods. My only question is that:-
Can we avoid cleo to link to our servers without the cost of mods being installed ?
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SCM codes, which are used by CLEO.asi, are not loaded anymore by VC:MP.
(maxorator just disabled them)
What this means ? You can't run CLEO scripts anymore. ;)


O.o . Then, we need not to worry. Thanx for telling me.
In the middle of chaos , lies opportunity.