Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted

Started by EnForcer, Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PM

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Quote from: HunTinG on Oct 26, 2021, 08:27 PMkewun is working together with RTV staff, it's clear and concrete

that dog ibee proved it by his denial, thus knowing that PL dogs are acting dumb about RTV sync thinking that "gui isn't fault for anything in vcmp"
plus my advice is avoid playing in RTV if you don't want to play against a hacker with full admin rights lol, i wouldn't be surprised if by 2022 we'd see Kewun owning that server

you are prohibiting The Ravens from connecting to masterlist, but the PL dogs have freedom of running their dirty scripts all over..
Quote from: HunTinG on Oct 27, 2021, 09:49 AMas i said before, they use "kewun mom" as a front to attack players and to act like there's no friendship in between them

kewun can crash the shit out of RTV with no problems, apart from the small problem that spitfire is holding him from doing so.

and as i said, when RTV staff promoted spitfire (a known aimbotter) to admin of their server, no one in vcmp community did anything, however when the ravens were trying to keep their own server active and didn't take action against the 2 peasants, vcmp community didn't like that RTV's playercount was drained cuz of The Ravens

PL and faggots staff are nothing but materialists cunts who would do anything to save their own skin

making a server script insulting kewun's mom or sm shit doesn't really impress me as long as Kewun's long time associate and friend SpitFire is in the staff making moves just for RTV to don't be crashed
and about spiller, i don't even need to comment on his high level of iq, knowing this is the same idiot who was saying "GUi Has No AFfecTion In VcMp, FuCk You RetARd HUnTInG"

he has no DM experience whatsoever, he cannot know whether the gameplay is good or not STILL he is making comments about whether the gameplay sucks or not

i'll tell you what - whatever PL will build, will last only a few months just like RTV playercount, unless the other servers are crashed and there's nothing else to play.
Yes it's clear and concrete, very much, but u know what, not that kewun is working with us, but that i humiliated your already molested ass too an extent that after rage quitting from rtv, u came here to cry as if devs or anyone here would give a single flying fuck regarding either the opinion or even the existence of a cum drooling imbecile like you, you are a product of delusion and utter mental disbalance since you always have been this way during the entire so called "VCMP career" of yours, and probably you'll die this way, with your grave filled with tons of VCMP grudges, just like that of your step father kewun. :D :D
Now coming to the point that you're constantly ranting regarding: "kewun is not crashing rtv because of spitfire and his alliances" or whatever the fancy crap you're farting from your mouth, maybe your poop-soaked brain is too tiny to understand the fact that rtv did indeed got crashed multiple times, just like other servers, and after every crash, your step father kewun used to poke spiller on discord and pretended to be a fucking professor doploganger of some sort showing off his so called "crashing abilities", only until when spiller took necessary defensive measures every time after a particular crash event and then shove your dad's crashing abilities down back to his throat and then he would end up crying, just like his son (you) are doing right now, sometimes here, sometimes on VU forum, like a fucking whore screaming and calling herself innocent while standing right in the middle of a Romanian red light area. And other than that, the number of unsuccessful attempts kewun made to crash rtv in these recent days is much greater than your maximum braincells. Like I said in the server while insulting the shit outta you, and just like I am saying it now here: You literally have no fucking clue regarding what you are speaking, neither do u know how things work here. You spent your entire life asslicking people for your own good, and still ended up being a complete dickhead like you currently are. Oh wait a min, I just remember now, when was the last time you evaded your bans in any of "our" servers? EA, EG A/D, RTV or any others? huh? yeah exactly, even u don't remember :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Cuz last time I remember elk saying to me that you are crying in his dms somewhat like this: "ask ibee why did he banned me?" XDDDDD
Where's all that "I am UNSTOPPABLE" "I have the best UID changers and VPNs, no one can stop me" attitude huh pal? Exactly, shoved so far down your butthole that even you can't find it.
PL Staff don't need to save their own skin buddy, cuz they didn't spend their entire nights and days asslicking any ill minded faggot for "ban evading tools, hacks, and other 3rd party crap" just to show their so called proness, what "PL/MK" staff actually did was getting rid of assholes like you from here, blocking every shit u use that gives you an excuse for boasting regarding your so called proness, and providing a clean environment for everyone to play and have fun (which triggers the crap outta you doesn't it? :D :D). Having said all that, it's not us who need to save our skins as we have nothing to run from, it's you and your accomplices that urgently need to save themselves (which you kinda already are trying by crying here and there and still getting no benefit of it). And also, what we have build has been lasting since the day it got built, and the funny thing is, it's been more than a year u've been ranting that whatever we guys will make will last only for "a few months". Come on now pal, as I said, It's been years since you're saying this and, of course, it has no connection to reality whatsoever.
Oh yes, how can I forget to tell you that, you can surely go ahead and change this topic's moto to your utter BS hood (like u already did), you can go ahead and post every single so called "RAPE" video u made on either me, or anyone from PL or MK. You can go ahead and post as much BS as u want, but that won't make any difference, and even you know it. Your butthurt ass can only no-life vcmp servers, come and record every single kill that u ever made on ppl while they are busy in their casual gameplay, and post it here and there just to give your own self a sense of fake satisfaction that you're a pro of some sort and that everyone is scared from you, hahahahahahaha cuz in reality, everyone here and there makes fun of your existence which you are either ignoring or failing to realize, and even you know what u are (a complete asslicking piece of eggplant shit) and that u need to constantly record videos and "show" your proness in an attempt to make ppl here realize that, but the reality is quite different no? :DDDDDDDDDDD
I have an idea of the fact that how your insecure ass starts crying after getting a little bit of counter attack from the guys u try to mess around with, fulton is a good example in this regard, pain also to some extent, or even a retard like gerz as well. You make 6-7 videos in your defense just to counter a single video anyone of the 3 guys mentioned above makes on you, and then u go in random servers after them and then calling them desperately for dueling with u only so that u can somehow calm your insecure ass, because even u know what you are, and that it's difficult for u to sleep peacefully at night just cuz your little "vcmp pro" ego can't tolerate the taste of its own medicine. :DDD
Go ahead and talk more and more trash regarding us, PL, MK or whatever u think would satisfy you, cuz in reality, you would just end up making even a bigger clown of your current self. :DDDDDD
And also, regarding VU, i like your audacity to mention them in your utter BS and make a wrong meaning out of everything, especially this "koth and playercount" thingy because the reality is, that even VU members themselves confirm, that we never talked shit or hated either them or any of their projects in the first place, in fact we showed great appreciation for them and their projects and even joined them many times when they are in game. And the same thing they do, and have been doing till now. There's no hate or anything as such between us and VU as both of us groups are collaborating collectively with another in various events and servers. Oh btw why did I forget, I am talking to a brainless cunt who would fail everytime to understand and comprehend sense. :DDDD
Good luck with everything u do here pal, cuz that's the only thing u can do and still make nothing out of it.
As for replying to some attention seekers of "The ravens", I think i don't need to do that as of now cuz they're already getting handled in a good way. :DDDDD

Btw to the devs and the forum mods: Highly sorry for this kind of tone and language fellas, but I seriously wanted to talk with this piece of crap in the way he understands best, though I bet he still wouldn't have understood. :)


Quote from: Spiller on Oct 28, 2021, 01:57 PM
Quote from: Athanatos on Oct 28, 2021, 12:11 PMWell my question is now : how can things get worse? Because I have no ideas.

Things find a way to get worse, everytime I think the roof is closing in.

Alright man, Harold and whoever this gray name thinks he is have managed to piss me a off a little bit. I was waiting for some evidence which actually proves something yet these ungrateful fucks keep promoting a slogan to denounce me. I gave you a fair warning.

Quote from: EnForcer on Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PMThe reason behind letting him play is simple if we ban or kick him he crash our server instantly just and then that's why due to having players we let him play until we got any fix for that crashes and aXXo also did same he let him play in Koth.

So can you justify why they didn't go play in KoTH, instead they come in Ravens and start calling everyone else?

^ Nassim's involvement with Kewun has been shown later in the post

Quote from: EnForcer on Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PMAs it's not first time PL's making drama, they did it before with us as well. Since start of the CTB they were jealous from us. We had some problems and it was unexpected that these Problematic Legends were still planning against us from a long time

You're literally shitting yourself here. Let me be clear, we haven't cared about you or your server in the slightest. OneVice was providing services to your server (and does to this day - yet you're throwing shit, at us?) and what bothered us was Kiki's involvement because that doesn't sit well with us, considering the history.

So tell me again, what version of SqMod does CTB run on? That old plugin version isn't even available publicly anymore, must have gotten it off kiki? The scripts were RTV3's, and the way they're written, they're unintelligible, straightforward bullcrap - there's no way on god's green Earth you make a server out of it without his involvement. Yet, we let it go, every single time.


Quote from: EnForcer on Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PMhere are some screenshots of Problematic Legends:

I'm gonna settle those screenshots once and for all. Ask yourself if every single word in those screenshots is not justified or not. You deserve all of it. Because everytime a server crashed or got attacked - you guys were there, you knew it. And yet you point others as problematic?

Also something you might not have expected to come all the way here. Your beloved Harold snatching his own copy of aurora. After literally begging down on his knees last time he got banned for it.


And then Nassim. You'll prolly not find braincells on this guy even if you were searching with the floodlights on.


Quote from: EnForcer on Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PMFurther proofs that we aren't with Kewun, Even Kewun himself admitted that we aren't with him ( PM WITH FROST ):
If it wasn't clear before, this is not how the world works. Why'd he admit to it? He literally starts off with he's not gonna share that information.

Time for you to face the facts it seems. I hope this is enough "strong" evidence for you. Maybe next time you'll choose your words more wisely.

Quote from: HunTinG on Oct 28, 2021, 01:22 PMdafuq does that video have to do anything with our subject?
you here to troll? loool then you chose wrong guy im afraid

Must have thought of that when you started putting GUI sync baloney into this topic as well.
And about all of those videos, you can engrave it all on plywood, polish it off and shove it so far up your ass that it never sees the light of sun again, because no one cares. Imagine posting gameplay videos on this.

Then again, number of servers unbanned on, muscle fat and IQ being the same number, I only expect as much from you. Oh also, you're the guy who played on RTV after saying there's much more opportunities. I can name the perfect place for you, go Xbox One - you can have healthy conversations with virgins ready to scream about the positions they can fuck your mother in for the whole night, fits your personality even.

Jesus why does everyone wants to go down this road?

ok fulton working with kewun too? since harold said vccnr will be rip tho


well, as for ibee, eat a dick you filthy paki dick sucker with your entire group of dogs lol
the reason he's so winded up it's that every single time we've met he had a serious ass pain, which turned out to be due to hard 25 cm entering his tiny butthole
your parents must've been twins to produce someone as dumb as you

dafuq have you realized in VCMP? all you ever did was kiss asses of those who fucked you up (myself included), then later if they STILL fucked you up, you just turned against them along with ur corrupt PL paki dogs lmao

"I neVer HAteD VU"
meanwhile in EA: "haha hunting those vu retards made a server" or sm shit back in 2019, dont make me search for the logs to prove what a scared cunt you are

you're a part time cocksnot with no real aiming in life, all you do is talk shit and cry about getting melted afterwards

brainless cunt is ur mom lol when she conceived a disaster like you with a drunk football barcelona fan (who happened to be TLA Juan)

and idk i didn't read the entire reply all i see is ibee eating ton of shit about me cuz he's turned on by my videos against him and his PL dogs (who might as well be public soon)

PL idiots have no fate or direction in life, they climb the ladder like dogs in search for food cuz their masters don't care for them anymore
i have no idea still how ibee had the courage to reply to me in such a topic, knowing he'd get blasted right afterwards, still one of the biggest fails on forums

should i even read spiller's reply? him hanging out with ibee tells me a lot of things about him already..
is he even going to say "why u uploaded my rape" in a more funny way?

look at yourself you urine stinking paki whores, your mothers are prostitutes sent straight in canada to make up your food money, and that's how you repay them? by humiliating her and your entire families all over VCMP forums?

HHHH, i wouldn't talk about "muscle" or "fat" spiller, show me ur irl pic however if you wish to continue this subject :)))
maybe we should meet irl once, you'd have to stick a toothbrush up your ass to brush your teeth if i ever hit you once


@iBEE_tH3_RuL3R   You're not wrong tbh, he's the most pathetic person alive, living in a village + his dad who can't afford him a better GPU, still using his old 1 MB GPU which only runs vcmp, on top of that, he said that he dedicated his life to vcmp and always makes up a new excuse every time he loses a duel,

and now he's attacking the ppl he used to beg for help, for example Pain,Zayn etc...

as shown in this video  : https://youtu.be/8TswfXWB1K8

he dedicated his life to vcmp and he still sucks at it lol, losing to ppl who got a life & play other games & have studies,

fun fact : Hunting skips school for vcmp

anyways his days are already over in vcmp, he's banned everywhere & owned by everyone,  Ravens is the only server that keeps him because they wanna increase player count by keeping hackers, for example, take a look at hunting's desktop and what he uses :

(NSFW picture removed)

He sent his desktop picture to Sos with porn background as a joke, and Sos exposed him,


these 2 cunts from PL have no idea what they're getting themselves into, they best watch their fucking mouths before i shove my dick right inside


Quote from: HunTinG on Oct 28, 2021, 04:12 PMthese 2 cunts from PL have no idea what they're getting themselves into, they best watch their fucking mouths before i shove my dick right inside
they accusing everyone
and it's not their frist time they did that, they did this bullshits everywhere.
Creating drama


go ask kewun yourselves about every single thing you've mentioned
kewun may not be someone who knows too many, but certainly his intellect beats spiller's and his retarded PL dogs intellect


Unban is not a question of when it will happen, but rather will it happen. That's up to the devs to decide. However, considering the fact that there is concrete proof of the extremely atrocious actions taken by some communities and members, they deserve a more strict legal action than just a masterlist blacklist.

This topic has been here for enough time to serve its purpose and for you to know the answer of "if you are going to be whitelisted".

No more insults, spam accounts and accusations. If devs or any other mod has anything to add or update on the matter will do so.