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Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Today, we’ll have Chaos Insurgency vs Vice City Lag Department led by Silent and iBEE_tH3_RuL3R at 15:30 GMT.

We’ll live stream this match. MAGNA wishes both teams best of luck. Hope to see you all.

Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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We are hosting our fourth match of the group stage. Uncle Sam Team vs The Underdog Punishment fighting each other today at 18 GMT (Sunday).

We will be live streaming this match, stay tuned as link will be shared in this channel.

Good luck to both juan and PunkNoodle.

Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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After a long break, our staff team is all set to host their first match. Two strong teams are rubbing their shoulders today at 17 GMT. Hope you are as excited as us. We’ll live stream the match, stay tuned.