It didn't move

Started by habi, Mar 01, 2022, 06:36 AM

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There stood a big oak tree in the wide playground. From morning till evening people pass by the tree. Some throw waste near it and some came to pick up the fallen branches for making fire.

The tree was a witness to everything that happened there. The tree wasn't moving, but it was the time that was moving around it.

The sun comes up in the east and brings it's rays to the tree. People call it morning. Then the sun moves upwards and above the tree (they call it noon) and finally it falls in the west. The tree is not doing a single thing.

No matter how many days pass, the tree is there still not moving an inch. No matter how many children play around it, it is still there. No matter how many branches has fallen down, it is there still.

No matter how many world wars pass, no matter how many 100 generation of children pass, it is still there. Even if the tree has fallen down it is still there. You cannot touch it. You cannot move it. You cannot throw stones at it. It is there. You might die, but it won't. The earth may get destroyed, the sun may be down, the solar system may fail, galaxy disappear-but it is there. It did not moved an inch.