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Started by Ezio9805-P, Apr 05, 2022, 08:14 AM

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Hi all,
Long story short is been a long time since I hosted a server. and now I am back
Everything is working fine. The server is showing up in VCMP internet list. People can join and play but I notice a few errors that didn't exist back then compare to now (in screenshot below) and also there seems to be intermittent issue the server will crash and I will need to restart it again. can anyone help me to understand the following erros?


Hi, i had little investigated the issue, but unfortunately could not come to any conclusion.

1. What are the plugins you use, apart from the announcer plugin?

There are two errors. First one is from a plugin which uses 'boost' libraries. (some thing about SSL. Discord plugin? )
The second error is ofcourse from announce plugin.

When i investigated the error,
sdk->LogMessage("announcer: Failed to store response from %s", announce_host[i]);

if (received == total) {
return_code = ANNERR_STOREFAIL;

memset(response, 0, sizeof(response));
total = sizeof(response) - 1;
received = 0;

do {
bytes = recv(sockfd, response + received, total - received, 0);
response[512] = { 0 }i can't figure out what.

Is the name of your server too long or something?


Hi. Thanks for the fast reply. You can find the list of plugins I used below.

Yes I believe my server name is quite long. Is this the root cause causing the announcer error?

I can try to disable the Discord plugins and maybe shorten the server name


In your server.cfg, find the plugins  line and remove actor64 if it exists.

If still error happens, you need to figure out which plugin is causing the error.


Update your announcer plugin, the old version caused that "Failed to store response " error. Download the latest version here: