Deathmatch Smashing ZonE.

Started by Gito Baloch, Jul 08, 2022, 06:34 AM

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Gito Baloch

Hello lads! Presenting you DeathMatch Smashing ZonE lead by Gitto and scripted by Atom, OreoT and Gitto.

The server game mode is based on normal death matching. There are many minigames which you can play while you get bored like WaterFight, GunGame, Parkour and TDM(like in PUBG)

There are many ways to earn dtc (dtc is our currency name "DeathMatch Coin")

If you face any issue you can contact us at our discord server, here's the invite link:

We do not have any forum and we have no intent in making one so everything will be on discord.

Server IP:

Thanks for reading!
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