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[Release] Smooth Freeview Camera


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[Release] Smooth Freeview Camera
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  • Smooth Freeview Camera is a feature that allows the player to enter camera mode freely, with this feature you can create trailers and movies for your server, use it as a mapping tool or let you explore any corner of the city!


How to set up in your server
  • Follow the instructions given in the repository right here

Key Binds
  • Arrow Up/W - Move to front
  • Arrow Down/S - Move to back
  • Arrow Left/A - Move to left
  • Arrow Right/D - Move to right
  • PageUp - Move to Up
  • PageDown - Move to Down
  • Shift - Move faster while pressing this key
  • Home - Change HUD mode
  • Insert - Increase Speed
  • Delete - Decrease Speed