[Release] ADiscord Library

Started by AroliS^, Aug 24, 2022, 08:56 PM

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A Nodejs Library for connecting a VC MP server over sockets to Discord
Since Discord plugins weren't fully functional at all.  and I got few DM's that they were in the need of a library I decide to create a fully function library where everybody somehow can collaborate :) Enjoy it

Everybody is more than welcome to collaborate. Didn't have the time to do a deep test.
If you encounter any bugs/errors just let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible

Github Wiki
Github Repository

Quick Code Lookup
             // client
ADiscord.user.send (player.Name + ": " + text, "846106037790179398");

ADiscord.user.messageEmbed ({
Title = player.Name,
Description = "replied: " + text
}, "846106037790179398")
           // message listener
       addEventHandler.on ("message", function (message) {
           if (message.channel.id == "846106037790179398" || message.channel.name == "General")
                          message.channel.send ("HI " + message.author.username);
Lemme love ya


Just implemented this in #TomorrowLand today. Seems to work just fine so far.  :)
Thank you!