[MiamiScale] Automatic ground z co-ordinate

Started by habi, Mar 13, 2023, 10:44 AM

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MiamiScale v1.0

(gif image demonstrating the plugin)
This is a plugin which i was creating for the past few days. It was inspired by MapAndreas. Through this plugin, the server has some kind of knowledge about the map of vice city.
You can get the highest point from above for a pair of x,y co-ordinates.
However if the player is standing under a bridge, it will fail.

FindZFor2DCoord(x, y);
FindAverageZ(x, y);
SetZFor2DCoord(x, y, z);

*vicecity.map, which was created using RayTraces included in downloads.

Download links: Link1
Source of plugin: download or see online repository

The map of vice city the plugin uses. Alpha of picture increases with z. Grey means no ground.

Accuracy: The z co-ordinate is recorded for every integer pair of x and y. For given float values, it will return the average of nearest four pairs of x, y co-ordinates.

Note: About memory usage, it uses about 50 MB of RAM in the init state.


I used this plugin for my portable explosion zone, so well done, bro.


hello hapi do you think i can make colored area with this plugins?