[0.4]Grand Theft Auto Syrian City [SY]

Started by H.a.S.a.N, Apr 23, 2023, 11:13 AM

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               [0.4]Grand Theft Auto Syrian City [SY]
                SERVER DM & Roleplay
               Server Developed by Me
               IP SERVER :
                Discord: https://discord.gg/MDfeGdgx
               Website : https://gtasy.smfnew2.com/index
If any bug re:play to this topic for helps
                Join for cookie and enjoy

have spree system and spawnwep system and mazerunner and rob system and cops system and battle system and votekick system goto and gotoloc system maked without errors new cmd wep system for get new's guns

Server have Many cmds P.S
/lastpos if player die spawn in last location (save location player)
/battle for join Dm and fight with any person

/leavebattle for leave from pvp

/copscmds for see what skins cops can did

/joincops for join in job cop and suspend the robbers and others

/crewcmds gang system or clan system or team

/report for admins see the cheaters and eveders

/robskills for see points rob stores

/spree fro see others plaers have sprees skills


/delspawnwep for disable cmd spawnwep

/wep this orginal cmd but updated for get new guns

/vote for see players wonna kick

/votekick for send message to all player for wonna kick player did cmd /vote

/maze for create maze room

/joinmaze for join room maze

/startmaze for start match and run



Everyone server has been changed

And Removed Some things
/maze , /joinmaze ,/startmaze ,/crew and others cmds from Crew and rob system's removed
For find Bugs

but added
/GAME For pvp with others in sky

/GAME1  For pvp with others in sky but in other location

do not forget join server discord for view new'sDiscord: https://discord.gg/MDfeGdgx

do not forget visit forum server Website : https://gtasy.smfnew2.com/index