Gitto's Clan System.

Started by Gito Baloch, May 27, 2023, 11:50 AM

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Gito Baloch

Hello everyone! I've been learning about loops, variables, and arrays, and as a practice exercise, I've developed a Clan System. I've uploaded the code on GitHub, and you can access it using the following link: Gitto's ClanSystem

To get started, please follow the instructions provided in the 'essentials.nut' file. By following those instructions, the code should function correctly.

Here's a list of commands available for Clan Members:

  • /createclan: Create a new clan.
  • /accept: Accept an invitation to join a clan.
  • /clanchat (or /cc): Chat with other clan members.
  • /leaveclan: Leave your current clan.
  • /clans: View a list of all clans.
  • /clan: View information about your current clan.
  • /clanmembers: View a list of members in your clan.
  • /ranks: View the ranks available in your clan.
  • /request: Send a request to join a clan.

For Clan Owners, additional commands are available:
  • /invite: Invite a player to join your clan.
  • /kick: Remove a member from your clan.
  • /giveclancash: Give clan cash to a member.
  • /setdefrank: Set the default rank for new clan members.
  • /addrank: Add a new rank to your clan.
  • /delrank: Delete an existing rank from your clan.
  • /setrank: Set a member's rank in the clan.
  • /transferownership: Transfer ownership of the clan to another member.
  • /setting: Adjust various settings for your clan. (teamID, skinID, enable/disable Tags)
  • /acceptrequest: Accept pending join requests.
  • /deleteclan (or /delclan): Delete your clan.

--> If you encounter any bugs or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord. I'm usually online and active.

Here are some screenshots of the Clan System in action.

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