Request with owner of vcmp!

Started by Abbas_905, May 20, 2024, 01:30 PM

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PLAYER is stolen my script idk how he did it, and also he stolen many scripts he and tda.shakib, both stolen scripts and he stolen urban city, script too, and he making servers + he copied server name from [SB]Hunter,server's, and now [TDA]Shakib and PLAYER Make a new server also he copied my scripts and make his server and check vcmp offical server,discord, im requested into discord too, SERVER IP:
Sorry for my bad english!


Lier I can't Steal Shakib Did 3lola Stole Script and give Script to all players I Just use in it Only 1 Time and after I delete it Now Shakib use the server If you dont beleive Go check in server I am nothing in server And I buy this script with money From 3lola he give me script in 50$