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Started by habi, Aug 09, 2023, 08:10 AM

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Hi, this is dynamic onPlayerCommand. You can add/remove/list all the commands.

Anywhere, you can do mycmds.add("hukama", function... ); So when /hukama is typed this function gets called. You can also later remove it by mycmds.remove("hukama").

Let us move to the code

assert(getroottable() == this )
//That was to make sure all our codes work

//Normally nobody sets delegate to roottable. Some do, they have to modify codes

local onPlayerCommand = {


//The table hides slots 'add', 'remove', 'ScriptonPlayerCommand'
function add(cmd, func)
//The command is not already present

//Check cmd is string

//Check function parameters
//1. Check if parameters slot exist in getinfos table
//2. Check if including this, the no:of parameters of function is 3 ( this, player,  text ) (cmd not needed)
//Add it to our table also lowercase
this.rawset(cmd.tolower(), func);
function remove(cmd)
function getcmds()
local cmds="";
foreach(key, value in this){
cmds+="/"+key+" ";
return cmds;
//rawdelete returns value of the slot if present, so we can safely :
//The table onPlayerCommand will be a free variable to functions following / inside table
local table={
//Alternative Event
function onPlayerCommandAlt( player, cmd , text )
//Convert cmd to lowercase

cmd in onPlayerCommand ? onPlayerCommand.rawget(cmd)(player, text):
onPlayerCommand.ScriptonPlayerCommand(player, cmd, text):
cmd=="cmds"?ClientMessage(onPlayerCommand.getcmds()==""?"No cmds available":onPlayerCommand.getcmds(), player, 0, 100, 0):
cmd!="rcon"?ClientMessage("This cmd does not exist. Use /cmds", player,0,255,0):null;
function _get(idx)
return onPlayerCommandAlt
else throw(null);
//When reloading, place the 'onPlayerCommand' of script under ScriptonPlayerCommand
function _newslot(key, value)
key=="onPlayerCommand"?onPlayerCommand.ScriptonPlayerCommand=value:rawset(key, value);


return onPlayerCommand;

function onScriptLoad()

Now global variable mycmds have it. In the next line of onScriptLoad or any possible place, you can start adding your commands.

Let us add an "/info" command
mycmds.add("info", function(player, text){ ClientMessage("Server developed by Mr. X and Mr. Y", player, 0, 255, 0); } );function (player, text){ : The prototype of the function. It takese two parameters. Unlike onPlayerCommand, here we not need 'cmd' parameter.

Homework: Try what happens when you type /cmds in game.
Find out what is returned when you call mycmds.getcmds() in script.
Can you have onPlayerCommand also along with this one? Which one is called ?

Have a nice day!


a custom load and execute commad function, likely minecraft command system.