mod favelas v0.1

Started by Luis_Labarca, Oct 15, 2023, 07:08 PM

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Hello, here I want to share a small modification of map Akinahill to Brazilian style favelas v0.1

Credits to the creators

(BEWARE I am not the creator of the objects but I did modify and convert them)

this mod modified by my Luis_Labarca
The base mod was akina, credits to its creators.
mod taken from the vcmp forum - (
I was in charge of modifying some things (houses, objects, textures, etc.)

Models extracted from the mod
- Favelas Pack V1.8 Rebuild By NATAN Gameron
- extracted models barracos.dff , barracos.txd, barracos.col,barracos2.dff , barracos2.txd, barracos2.col

Monument taken from the mod
- Favela City of God
Authors: KOHDYKTOP, JooJ, Razor



Link mod :

To install them, drag everything to your store folder (be careful if you have objects installed you must change the id so that there are no conflicts with your previous objects)
My server RP