Looking for a squirrel scripter to work on a project

Started by m3rzyy, Oct 22, 2023, 08:08 AM

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I am looking for a person who knows squirrel well to create a VC:MP server.

For tests, I provide a dedicated server with minimal characteristics (if necessary).
Squirrel's level of knowledge is not less than average.

Voluntarily, but, you are guaranteed to get your place in the server team, and possibly go down in history :)

Required knowledge:

• working with sql (db's),
• average level of knowledge in squirrel,
• enthusiasm,
• goodwill,
• optimism :)
• and more...

Creating a server has become one of my dreams, so help me realize my dream, and i will try to give you a place where you can play carefree with friends, shoot out and much more..

*** You will not need to invest anything in the server except time and soul. All the costs of paying for a virtual server, a domain for the site, an ssl certificate, writing the site itself, a forum, and much more - I take on myself!

Thank you. m3rzyy.
You can specify the rest in discord: marinbam