[GTA:VC] Vice City Redux mod.

Started by VerC, Jan 06, 2024, 04:29 PM

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Hello there!

Vice City Redux is a small modification, which I've been recently working on. Mod brings up fresh and brand new look on in-game interface.
Mod contains:
> High resolution loading screens
> Remastered HUD
> Visually improved menu

Installation guide:
Open your GTA:VC directory and drop there downloaded files.

Additional information about the mod:
 While working on  this modification, I was trying to keep the original look of the game. Most of the GTA:VC "remastered" mods looks really odd and they ruin original feel of the game.
To create that modification I've used textures from other mods, few of them were created and given to me by my friend Xenon and some of them I had to made from the scratch.
However, every single texture I've taken from other mod I've had to edit. Some of the textures were slightly edited, while other were totally remade.
In the readme file I've posted links for the mods I've taken resources from.
Screenshots are posted at the bottom, so you can see how the mod presents.
Note: Mod contains only texture files, so you don't have to worry about viruses. It's completely safe; it contains no malware at all.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zTAUVmib0XalrvJ9RmbxVT2ILEpKArzu/view

I hope you will enjoy the mod. Feel free to share your opinion on it.


I see the weapon icons got blurred and lost original details and the radar ring original intention seems to have been to have short of a sheen or glimmer, and the time,money,health would be cool to recreate the dirt effect which is lost and Ken Rosenberg looks very weird without facial definition.

I know these things are pretty obvious and not exactly simple to recreate.

Other than that it seems good.