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Started by Stormeus, Mar 07, 2016, 09:09 AM

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This board is intended as a portal for VC:MP server owners to get custom content to use on their servers. Anything posted in this section should be reasonably ready for use on a VC:MP server. In other words, do not lazily repost other people's GTA custom content.

If your release is an object, map, skin, or vehicle, it should go in the appropriate subboard. If your release doesn't neatly fit into one of those categories, it should be posted in this catch-all board instead.

If your release consists of content repackaged from other mods or modders, appropriate credit should be given, just as it would be given for something like a script release.

You can use the following format to use as a template. Feel free to add things you feel necessary.
[b]Content Type[/b]: Map/Object/Skin/Vehicle/Weapon/Texture/Mixed etc.
[b]Original Author[/b]: Nickname/Username/Real Name/I made it entirely from scratch! etc.
[b]Source Link[/b]: Link to where you got the original source/Server name if it came from a server/My own hands! etc.
[b]Modifications:[/b]: Changed Textures/Converted To VC/Just Created XML Files etc.
[b]Modified By[/b]: XYZ in collaboration with ABC, IJK etc.
[b]Authorized By Original Author?[/b]: Yes/No (Couldn't get in touch with him!)
[b]Content Screenshots[/b]: ...