Create / Export collision file with Blender 2.x.x

Started by Sebastian, Jan 12, 2024, 08:03 PM

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Here is a short tutorial about how to create/export collision file using Blender 2.x.x

To be able to import the .dff files, I'm using @maxorator 's plugin:

There is another plugin based on maxorator's, made by @PerikiyoXD :

Also, COL Editor:

As a bonus, I'm explaining in there how to decrease the number of polygons an object has, through 'Decimate' modifier.

What I'm presenting here is just a quick way to create a collision, by using a .dff.
The problem is .dff files represent the visual part, which must be pleasant for our eyes, so the objects will always be detailed and good looking.
Collisions, on the other side, must be very light-weight but to cover the whole surface of an object.
It's invisible after all, so the less polygons the better.

Just to remember, a good collision file means something like this:
- low number of polygons
- cover only the exterior which the player can interact with

Take the beach ball as an example. It has a very round form in game, but the collision itself is not that round.
Why? Because we don't need 100 polygons for Tommy Vercetti to interact with.
Every 10 polygons could be simply replaced by 1 polygon, as Tommy Vercetti will anyway not reach a small polygon between 3 big polygons. So that will be useless polygon.

Same happens for the polygons which are inside a collision object. If they cannot be reached, they lose the point of being called a 'collision', so don't need to be part of a .col file. Just remove them. Keep the ones on surface only.

PS: This tutorial was made by request.