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General Discussion / Re: Bitter TRUTH about BRL Server!
« on July 22nd, 05:51 AM »
Quote from Athanatos on July 18th, 02:52 PM
I played there for a long time (since 2016). Got my stats wiped out like 5 times, and I'm not perma banned because I let a IRL friend use hacks on my account XD

Ohhhh xD
But your stats wiped out bcoz of your friend, in my case, there was no such reason XDD
General Discussion / Re: Bitter TRUTH about BRL Server!
« on July 18th, 02:15 AM »
Quote from Athanatos on July 17th, 09:36 PM
Quote from Anonymous on July 17th, 06:47 PM
Its not about racism! Im just splitting facts, shared my personal experienced, this is not the first time im facing issues.. xDD
Do you realise that was a shitpost?
Yes i know and i dont even care about that, i just feel good now, you better be happy that you never experienced that, playing in the server for 2yrs+ and suddenly wiped all my hard working into pieces is another level of satisfaction! ;D :D
And to be very honest, Speaking Truth is always a SHIT.
General Discussion / Re: Bitter TRUTH about BRL Server!
« on July 17th, 06:47 PM »
Quote from Athanatos on July 11th, 04:06 PM

Its not about racism! Im just splitting facts, shared my personal experienced, this is not the first time im facing issues.. xDD
General Discussion / Bitter TRUTH about BRL Server!
« on July 9th, 10:38 AM »
Dont ban me from here or delete this Post, Its a humble request.

I don't know its allowed to post here or not, but this related to VCMP so i thought i would share my Experience with you all!
So long time back, in 2018 i joined BRL server and it was alot of fun there to play, after that i only started playing there only, LEFT ALL SERVERS, and it was Brazilian Server so 95% of them are Brazilians, there was few players worldwide including me, and there were some players(Staff included) started hating me without any reason, i grow very fast in the server maybe thats the reason(still dont know the real reason) and one day, i was In-Active for 7days, When i came back and joined the server, i got to know that they reseted my Account!(Server rules says that your belongings will be reseted when you are 15days inactive). I talked to admin, All different Admins were accusing differently, One was saying, you caught Hacking with your cousin, some was saying you reset evade and etc, NO ONE DID A REAL REASON FOR BAN. After that i was blackout, then I talked to manager and he said we can only refund you, so i was okay, he refunded me and all sorted, Now, Again happened, I got resetted when i was Inactive for 8days saying that, Evading for Saving your belongings, from past month, Server IP got changed 3times, so i always want to download Full 150+files and i was using VPN bcoz of connection. It was like hell to download, now when today i joined(I didn't loggined and after downloading files i wanted to go outside so thought that will play after that) i didnt logged in bcoz i thought if i logged in and the leave it will be evade, so i thought, its not better, after 30-35mins, when i joined, i was seeing that i got reseted and giving same excuse for evading for resetting. Manager wasn't listening to me, He told me Straight foward that It was my decision and i did what i think it was.
He told me that RULES ARE VERY STRICT FOR ALL PLAYERS, and interesting thing THE OWNER of the Server is Inactive for 24days+ xdddd(not mocking but when rules are for everyone as they said) I know its Owner of the server but still, when Owner is Inactive, how can you tell players to not to inactive!
Last but not the least, THEY KICKED ME FROM THERE DISCORD SERVER(REASON WAS I WAS INACTIVE) and interesting thing, we can only apply Inactive Application on Discord, Now you tell me, when they kicked me from their discord server, how can i apply for Inactive??
As you know im not from Brazil, we have different time zone, when there's night, here's Days, so when i playing on server, usually on Night and server was empty(thats not my fault i was still playing)
My paper will be starting from 24July till 15Aug, so i thought i will make an Inactive Application in this these(but now i dont need to, they already helped me by resetting my account xD)
Manager already told me that if i talked with any other of the staff, he will permanently banned my account, so Im posting here with you all, I THINK, its an end for me as they will ban my account permanently, but i dont have any regrets, bcoz i already told my truth to you all, THAT SERVER IS ONLY FOR BRAZILIAN NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE(im not disrespecting Brazilian but im telling you the truth about that server)
That was IT now, Told all the truth, i dont need anything now, as i already have no feelings anymore, so Best of luck!
Sorry if i hurt someone!
Now I don't have to take my name, they already got me now