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I've noticed that Liberty Unleashed Scripting and VCMP is about the same. So I'm trying to write one universal script that can run both. Wouldn't be hard. Also change some root table names to make each more compatible to run the same line of code versus getting the
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In Liberty Unleashed I can find what are keyworded as "HashTable", Really unique, shouldn't find that anywhere else but Liberty Unleashed. The VCMP wiki is down and I need to access it to see what is unique that I could find in the root table to determine what script needs to be handled [VCMP : LU].

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local MultiPlayer = "GTA"

try {
    // HashTables can be found
    if ("HashTable" in getroottable()) {
      print("Liberty Unleashed");
      MultiPlayer = "Liberty Unleashed";
// VCMP here
 catch (e) {
I need a vcmp detect so I can use the same scrip in GTA Connected as well.