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Scripting and Server Management / Re: fpv diable command
« on January 15th, 2021, 03:13 PM »
Quote from Coolkid on April 19th, 2016, 01:35 AM
whats am i doing wrong in this command

instead of function i thought of making command so i can disable and enable back fpv without any function

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Code: [Select]
else if ( cmd == "disablefpv" )
SetWeaponDataValue(26, 12, 0x200 );
SetWeaponDataValue(27, 12, 0x200 );
SetWeaponDataValue(32, 12, 0x200 );
 Message("Admin Disabled FPV!");
i have tested this command of @Coolkid and turns out that it doesnt disable fpv but it either breaks it cuz when you shoot in fpv mode you can see the bullet is coming from somewhere else its someone else is shooting the gun but from far away also if you type this command it will disable your tpp instead cuz when you shoot assault rifles like - m60,m4,ruger it wont shoot instead it will only show the shooting animation but it wont show the bullet particle.
Scripting and Server Management / Re: /park help
« on January 3rd, 2021, 10:36 AM »
Quote from Diego^ on December 19th, 2015, 02:52 PM
Code: [Select]
function onPlayerCommand( player, cmd, text )
if ( cmd == "park" )
local veh = player.Vehicle;
if ( veh )
veh.SpawnPos = Vector( veh.Pos.x, veh.Pos.y, veh.Pos.z );
veh.SpawnAngle = veh.Angle;
MessagePlayer( "Parked Vehicle!", player );
else MessagePlayer( "[Error] - You must be in a vehicle.", player );
works 100% thx
Snippet Showroom / [Advanced] Re: Server Lock & Unlock System
« on December 29th, 2020, 06:05 PM »
have you tested the command before posting it?
Snippet Showroom / [Snippet] Re: Host Time (aka hoston)
« on December 16th, 2020, 04:41 PM »
does this mean we can host our server in the master list?
Script Showroom / Re: Auto Mute System
« on December 11th, 2020, 04:50 PM »
it worked thank you so much
Applications / free host request by dip
« on December 4th, 2020, 03:47 PM »
User Name: dip.
Email Address: [email protected].