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Servers / [PL/EN] Re: Polski Serwer LCS-DM (with Liberty City Stories map)
« on December 9th, 2018, 07:16 PM »
is it possible to add a beep when collecting a checkpoint?

I don't think printing on screen time with millisecond precision is needed. Better stick with full seconds or just one number after decimal and put final result with best precision.
Script Showroom / [ #D~ Tools ] Re: Map Editor
« on August 23rd, 2015, 08:29 PM »
I recently uploaded a video about an object placer which was supposed to be included in VCMP 0.2. Maybe it can somehow help you as a reference or something else
Tutorials / [ ZModeler ] Re: Detach an object from a group
« on August 5th, 2015, 07:47 PM »
In VCMP maybe, but as in this tutorial we are detaching objects from single player. Maybe VC requires both dff and txd to have the same name? Then it is pointless to check again for the txd filename.
Or maybe it is only Rockstar's vision, but at least naming both files the same helps to keep things organized.
Tutorials / [ ZModeler ] Re: Detach an object from a group
« on August 5th, 2015, 12:29 PM »
Oh and one more thing (unsure). In the example you checked that the filename was seveneleven.dff and later you also checked that there is a file called seveneleven.txd. I always thought that the name has to match so you can't have seveneleven.dff and elevenseven.txd as one object?
General Discussion / Re: Bring back ASI support!
« on August 5th, 2015, 12:24 PM »
I've never said that there are only "good" asi mods. There are "good" and "bad", but blocking both just because of the "bad" ones is ridiculous.
The notion that players in a multiplayer game should be able to load their own arbitrary code whenever they want is absurd, as the risk of doing so outweighs the benefits it may provide.
Then again, tell me what's wrong with mods here posted?
For us to allow "whitelisting" ASIs would also be a technical challenge in and of itself. Lists would have to be updated any time a single ASI on the whitelist is updated. The list's source could be spoofed. If we allow servers to determine whether they want ASIs or not, a player could connect to a server which allows ASIs, disconnect, and try manually /connecting to a server that disallows them.
"Everything is possible if you really want it". Let's leave technical details for later, but I'm sure there is a way to handle this.
Or how the widely used, native widescreen ASI breaks FOV and made people more unhittable while remaining uneasily detectable:
The most popular widescreen mod is developed by ThirteenAG. He is still around, why do not ask him to work together on a solution for this problem? Oh no, wait, better to disable it...
Or how there is an entire thread on the GTAForums dedicated to finding memory addresses in VC that would be useful for any purpose, nefarious or otherwise, that also includes a publicly released IDB labeling assorted functions in the game code.
As said in the first post - write a letter to Cheat Engine developer.
But please tell me more about how we're only hurting nonhackers. Or don't, because like I said before, I don't have the patience to hear how blocking ASIs is literally destroying VC:MP.
Yes, you are hurting. You see, cheat creators will still find new ways to enable their hacks in online multiplayers. But someone like me won't bother spending hours on creating mods à la trainer to have the F7 key back in VCMP for example.

As you see from rwwpl's screenie, people already found a way to enable back ASIs. Tell me more that this asi-block mechanism present in VCMP is working.
Tutorials / [ ZModeler ] Re: Detach an object from a group
« on August 5th, 2015, 08:12 AM »
That's something really useful. There are so "many things in one objects" made by Rockstar...

If I can give my thoughts, it would be good if you post the text from Word and Notepad on YT and/or here (if you still got it). You could have also written the text in Notepad before you start the record :). And I think you chose a complicated object, where there was too much to delete :P.
General Discussion / Re: Bring back ASI support!
« on August 5th, 2015, 07:18 AM »
@Storm I'd love to see what you've got to say. "This debate again"? So there were voices to bring back ASI, good, at least you know then that people want them back.

You've got 4 links to various mods in the topic already. Tell me, which one of there is a hack? And as you see, people report that players are using cheats on servers. That's what I said, disabling ASI made more harm to non-cheating players.

@Milko sure, but it's more about allowing to use hundreds of mods which are ready to download on the web - you can't port them all into VCMP :).
General Discussion / Re: Bring back ASI support!
« on August 4th, 2015, 10:56 PM »
@S.L.C I think there is no need for a poll, but we will see where the topic will go. Let people speak what they think now.

Seby touched another important thing I forgot - there are so many graphic mods that people want to use. I'm not a fan of such mods, but just take a look at Project2DFX. It looks gorgeous, it was even nominated for GTAF Awards if I remember. After you get used to it in single player it might be really difficult to play without it. And then you turn VCMP and it is all gone... Is this a hack? Of course not.
General Discussion / Bring back ASI support!
« on August 4th, 2015, 10:07 PM »
Hello, it’s me. I hope some players still remember me. I was inactive for almost a year and the same will happen after summer, but until that I will be around.

As already said, I was inactive for a year. Recently I wanted to see how VCMP works nowadays. I updated the client and suddenly ASI mods refused to work. Thanks to some people I know that this was caused by one of the updates

“As part of an ongoing anticheat effort, ASIs may no longer be loaded.”... I have to say that I was (and still am) mad (or even frustrated) because of this.

Because SCM scripting and CLEO were not possible in 0.4, but ASI mods were supported, I decided to learn some basics to make new mods for VC/VCMP by coding them into ASI and port already created mods to ASI. For those who don’t know, I released two stable ASI mods so far – Chat Resizer ( ) which brings back the F7 key from R2 to 0.4 and Volumer ( ) for changing the game volume with keypresses. It was not easy to make them, they took definitely more time than they are worth, but I was happy that I can have such useful mods in VCMP and share them with the community.

Now, after disabling ASI files, both of my mods turned into dust. Was this the point of disabling ASI? To prevent regular players from using mods which made them playing VCMP more enjoyable?

As we read in the update post, it was disabled because it was a way to use cheats. Apparently grass is green. Sure, but even after disabling ASI, hacks will exist. Hey, Cheat Engine still works right? Why do not write an letter to the developer of Cheat Engine and force him to discontinue the work because it may be used inappropriate as a hack?

Okay, I’ll calm down, too much sarcasm. I’m almost sure every author of a cheat for VCMP will just have to make some small changes to have the hacks working again. Then he will upload it somewhere on the web and cheating people will download it and run... Just like now.

Conclusion, after this update
-   regular players can’t use non-hack mods
-   hackers will hack

And so the only victims of this update are in general noncheating players. Was this the goal?

Speaking now for the whole VCMP community, bring back ASI support!

If after reading the post there will be still a “no” vote, please at least consider creating either a whitelist or blacklist of mods which can/can’t be used in VCMP or give server admins the right to decide about entering a server with mods. We can talk about it later, but let’s focus on the main topic.

Thank you for reading,
Off-Topic General / Re: Vcmp Vs Samp!
« on July 31st, 2015, 10:38 AM »
Someone please tell me what is the point of asking "VCMP or SAMP" on a VCMP forum? Just like asking "Real Madrid or FC Barcelona" on a Barca forum. I played SAMP one time in my life, years ago, so I can't tell much anyway, but MTA... <3