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Videos & Screenshots / Re: Realistic Bullet Holes (prototype)
« on October 14th, 01:45 PM »
Great work.
Servers / [0.4] Re: Decay Freeroam
« on October 7th, 03:41 PM »
Good work.
Script Showroom / Re: Vice City: Multiplayer PUBG-DM
« on August 3rd, 11:52 PM »
Code: [Select]
Vice City Multiplayer Server
 v0.4, (c) 2007-2014 VC:MP Team

Warning: parameters for 'password' in config were not as expected

Loaded plugin: announce04rel32

Loaded plugin: sqlite04rel32

Loaded plugin: squirrel04rel32

Loaded plugin: hashing04rel32

[WEAPONS] No custom weapons to load.
** Started VC:MP 0.4 Server **
 Port: 8192
 Max players: 50

[MODULE]  Loaded SQLite3 for VC:MP by S.L.C.

[MODULE]  Loaded SqVCMP 0.4 frontend by Stormeus. (v1.0)
[╠°╔íþ╔·DM] À■╬±ã¸ı²│ú╝ËÈÏ & ã¶Â»═Û▒¤...
[╠°╔íþ╔·DM] Battle Over And Restart, Good job!
[╠°╔íþ╔·DM] NEW Battle Restart: Vehicles=[235], Weapons=[1287], Weather=[Sunny], WTime=[06:22].
Player 'EKNorw' ID 0 connected.
[╠°╔íþ╔·DM] ═µ╝Êú║EKNorw ı²│ú¢°╚Ù┴╦À■╬±ã¸ [] [03/07/2020 - 19:47:21] [Reserved].
Player 'EKNorw' ID 0 disconnected (kicked).
[╠°╔íþ╔·DM] ═µ╝Êú║EKNorw ı²│ú└Ù┐¬┴╦À■╬±ã¸ [03/07/2020 - 19:47:21].
Kicking connecting player at ID 0, unknown error.
Player 'EKNor' ID 0 connected.

AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [parameter 1 has an invalid type 'null' ; expected: 'userdata']

*FUNCTION [AccInfo()] scripts/Main.nut line [544]
*FUNCTION [onPlayerJoin()] scripts/Events.nut line [98]

[e] "parameter 1 has an invalid type 'null' ; expected: 'userdata'"
[q] NULL
[player] INSTANCE
[this] TABLE
[player] INSTANCE
[this] TABLE

AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [parameter 1 has an invalid type 'null' ; expected: 'userdata']

*FUNCTION [onPlayerRequestClass()] scripts/Events.nut line [35]

[q] NULL
[AccountCount] 0
[UIDGroup] (UID hidden)
[pName] "eknor"
[skin] 0
[team] 0
[classID] 0
[player] INSTANCE
[this] TABLE

How i can resolve this? I just copied and pasted.
Btw, good work with the script. :)
General Discussion / Re: How to run vc mp linux server?
« on July 24th, 09:57 PM »
First all, you need download latest version of Linux server(REL006) called as mpsvrrel64 (or mpsvrrel32 if 32 bits Linux), after this, paste Linux server on your server folder, open the terminal of your server and type the command: ./mpsvrrel64.
Is needed change the server plugins to .so.

To close the server press CTRL+C.
Quote from KingOfVC on July 8th, 12:45 PM
dont want to get abused? get a proper pc then.
Is not easy for some persons.
Quote from Coder on July 22nd, 09:46 AM
Quote from KingOfVC on July 8th, 12:45 PM
dont want to get abused? get a proper pc then.
Doesn't he know it ?
I wrote this topic just to portray and support people who are or have been through it.
General Discussion / Re: Game shows [...]
« on July 23rd, 07:58 PM »
It is worth mentioning that some servers have the PAC account system, that is, you can register an account on a server that is using the PAC system and that account will work on other servers that have the PAC system.
General Discussion / Re: Game shows [...]
« on July 23rd, 12:13 PM »
Maybe your nickname already registered.
Support / Re: Occasional server crash
« on July 22nd, 06:20 PM »
Add // to all functions (one function at a time) of onPlayerPart and onPlayerJoin and test one by one until you find the problem.
Just try to play, if it works continue. You will know if the version of the game you own is not compatible with VC: MP.
Maybe this could help you, read the description:
Support / Re: Trying to set 'class' error in Client Side
« on July 22nd, 12:11 PM »
Try using global operator instead.
Code: [Select]
::IsLocalPlayerSpectating = ( stream.ReadInt() == 1 ) ? true : false; // this is the line where I'm getting the error.
Support / Re: Occasional server crash
« on July 20th, 05:43 PM »
I think this crash is related to the client side.
Community Plugins / Re: Discord Plugin
« on July 10th, 08:03 PM »
I think it would be a type of event callback used in Discord. Try:
Code: [Select]
function onDiscordUpdate(connID, eventType, ...)
case SqDiscordEvent.Message:
print( "lol" );
If i'm wrong, correct me.
No, that is not the point. Nobody knows what the next one is going through. And yes, I was offended in the past, but today I have always ignored you. I just wrote this topic to say something about it, I'm not whining. Words like these can offend someone with conditions I mentioned above.
Client Scripting / [Release] Re: Icons Font for VCMP
« on July 7th, 02:39 PM »
Good job, pro.
VC:MP is the modification of VC, where we can have fun playing with each other, however, there are many toxic people who, although they are not welcome, are in this community, sometimes some people who try to play for fun do not have a good connection or a good computer to perform the minimum VC requirements and still try to play to feel happy and because you like the game, but among them there are many players who do not have or do not know the meaning of the word "empathy", and the lack of it ends up resulting in comments like "lagger", "you have a 2001 pc", "potato pc", "buy new internet plz", "shit lagger", "you have a hit internet", "hahaha 500 ping, lagger"," he lives in * country*", "poor", "junk pc", "poor pc", as I said above, many people are not in a great position to play and come across these ridiculous comments from toxic people, but you what do it this, are you interrupted to think that it can affect the person a lot? Today, thanks to God, I have better conditions to play. I've been through these comments and I know how difficult it is... if someone who has this problem or has had it, just ignore it, play for your enjoyment! As for the players who still do this without having a hint of concectibility of what they are talking about, be more humble, this is just a game, anyway, respect the next one.