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Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] OnObjectShot & Player Marker
« on April 6th, 2021, 03:32 PM »
Bug 1 - onObjectShot

If you throw a grenade near an object with TrackingShots = true then onObjectShot gets called for all players close to the explosion. I am using the latest plugins & the windows server (x86) from

Always as long as the player is spawned and unpaused.

Bug 2 - Player Marker

If you change your world close to another player, the player marker will not always disappear as intended. I've noticed this bug in older versions as well.

I am using the latest plugins & the windows server (x86) from

It's only reproducible from certain distances it seems. See the video.
Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Anti-cheat bug when deleting vehicles
« on December 29th, 2020, 02:27 PM »
Now that updates are being made to VC-MP, I wanted to report an anti-cheat bug that can cause people to be incorrectly detected as an HP hacker. It occurs in the latest update as well as in previous client updates & server updates. I am using the latest plugins & the windows server (x86) from:

See the steps below on how to reproduce it.

How to trigger the bug with the script
1. Use the code I provided at the bottom.
2. Enter the server and spawn. You should now be in world 10 and you should see a vehicle to the left of you.
3. Enter the vehicle.
4. Type /test or /testlag.

These commands will execute the following code:
- Set your HP to 100.
- Eject you from your vehicle. (Bug occurs with or without this code).
- If you're using /testlag it will print out 100 messages. This will take 4-8 ms to execute. If you're using /test this step will be skipped. I suggest trying with /test first and then see how the issue occurs more with /testlag.
- Delete the vehicle.
- Change your world to 0

5. If you don't get kicked type /veh once to re-create the vehicle.

6.  Repeat steps 1-5 multiple times. If /test doesn't work try with /testlag. It's a little harder to trigger it with /test.

7.  If everything is done correctly. You should receive the following message on your console:

Can be hard to reproduce. I believe the higher your ping is the easier it is to trigger this. I also believe that the execution time in /testlag also makes it easier to trigger the bug.

What you think caused the bug
My guess is that the anti-cheat system runs into some issue when your health increases to 100 at the same time as your vehicle gets deleted and/or your world gets changed.

Using /test and /veh.


Code: [Select]
function onScriptLoad()
CreateVehicle(130, 10, -669.603, 738.837, 10.9447, 0, 0, 0);

function onPlayerCommand(player, command, arguments)
if (command == "exe")
local executee = compilestring("" + arguments);

else if (command == "veh")
player.World = 10;
player.Health = 50;
CreateVehicle(130, 10, -669.603, 738.837, 10.9447, 0, 0, 0);

else if (command == "test") TestAntiHack(0, 0);
else if (command == "testlag") TestAntiHack(0, 100);

function onPlayerJoin(player)
player.World = 10;

function TestAntiHack(id, Num)
local player = FindPlayer(0);
player.Health = 100;
player.World = 0;

function AntiHackTest(num) // Increases the execution time of TestAntiHack
local testClock = clock();
for (local i = 0; i < num; i++) print("test");
print("" + (clock()-testClock));
Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Rel006 Streaming issue?
« on July 14th, 2018, 12:28 PM »
Subject: [Bug] Rel006 rare streaming issue?

Ok this is a really weird one that I can't seem to understand. Please watch this video to get a closer look at the issue I am facing.

Note: For some reason when I play the video from the forum, the quality even though it appears to be in 1080p is bad. If this happens to you, try to set the quality from automatic to 1080p and/or play it directly from youtube. The text should be viewable in the best quality setting.

So basically what the video shows is me and the two other players entering property 281 on the rel006 version of VKs official server (not available to public yet). The bug is that when one of us enters into a vehicle  everything around us like objects, vehicles, pickups and even players disappear. In the video I showed it from two perspectives (when I entered a vehicle) and when I watched a player enter a vehicle. When I watched a player enter the vehicle I saw them disappear together with the vehicle and their minimap marker started to freak out, teleporting randomly across the map.

Here are a few details that may or may not be relevant:
- Property 281 is located in world 480 and contains a couple of objects, pickups and vehicles that are created when one person enters the world and deleted when the last player leaves the world.
- I did not manage to replicate the bug in other properties. So it is possible that it is a scripting bug caused by my system but I have never seen players being in the same world and still not being streamed to each other. I definitely haven't messed around with that on purpose at least. Which makes me think it might be a very small bug in the source code that is not easy to trigger. In addition I can't seem to trigger this bug on a rel003.
- In the video I did /world to confirm that all players were still in the same world after and before someone entered a vehicle
- In the video you see this only happening to custom vehicles, but I can confirm it happens to normal vehicles that are brought to the world as well, even those created when the server starts.
- I noticed that an object of model 12 or 13 (which doesn't exist) is created in the property (from a /showdebug message in the vide). I tried to create the same model in other properties as well, but it did not trigger this bug.
- As you can see in the video the bug was not triggered when one player entered a vehicle during the recording, but the bug has been triggered for all three of us at least a few times before.
- I use no mods and I have an original copy of GTA VC.
- I tested it on rel003 as well it doesn't happen on that version.

If this bug is hard to find for the devs I can try  to re-create the property in another world to find out what exactly is causing it. But I just wanted to get this report out there to see if you any of you can figure out what's causing it.

Yes it's reproducible but the thing is it's only reproducible under a very specific condition that I can't figure out. Check the description to see what I tested.

What you were doing when the bug happened
It can be seen in video and is described in the description.

What you think caused the bug
I have no idea. Maybe a model + color fails to load and all the other entities that are streamed disappear as well? I am mostly hoping that the devs will be able to spot the bug, if not then I will try to conduct more tests to figure out exactly what's causing it.
Here are some skins that I might as well share. Hopefully I followed the rules the of posting a topic like this.

Type (Map, Object, Skin, Vehicle, Weapon): Skins.

Sonic skin:

Joker skin:

Lotso skin:

Nemesis skin:

Original author credits(along with website address):

Sonic by Detexki99:
Joker by xskater8x:
Lotso by axel.elizondo:
Nemesis by Pa7ox:

Further Edited By( if you edited the model, textures ): Some textures are created from bmp files by me.
Download Link:
Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Pickup.Timer / Pickup.RespawnTimer lag issue
« on July 28th, 2016, 08:16 AM »
I am not 100 % sure if this bug has been reported before or if it is just me using the function wrong, but I see no reason not to report it. I understand that this issue is easy to get around by simply making your own RespawnTimer or by simply not using it all (since there seems there seems to be some inbuilt that scripts that prevents people from picking up a pickup more than once every 2 seconds).

I have noticed that a pickup that uses Pickup.Timer compared to a pickup that doesn't use Pickup.Timer seems to up the download rate by a factor of about 10, which have lead to a lot lag for players that are near a lot of pickups with a Pickup.Timer.

Some more information:
I used version rel004 on a windows 10 computer 32 bit.
All the downloads I used:
Server file -
All plugins except squirrel:
Updated squirrel plugin:

I have also downloaded all the client updates.

You won't notice it on a locally hosted server by yourself, but as soon as you get someone with over 100-200 ping with a bad/decent internet connecting they will experience a delay in everything by 15-20 seconds.

What you were doing when the bug happened
I spawned 50 pickups in a circle (with a radius of 5 m ) and made a script that will set the Pickup.Timer of a Pickup to 5000 when you enter it. Before I entered the pickups my download rate was only 0.1 kbps to 2 kbps, but as soon as I entered all the 50 pickups I saw how the download rate increased to 50-100 kbps. Obviously it wasn't noticeable to me since I had 0 ping on the server I tested it on, but my friends with 50-300 ping had to quit the game due to the huge lag they experienced in the chat and from other players.

When I later removed Pickup.Timer everyone's download rate seemed to be normal (even when you entered all the pickups) and no one experienced any lag anymore from being around 50 pickup's all spawned in one circle.

What you think caused the bug
It was either me using Pickup.Timer wrong without receiving any errors or there is some issue with the respawn timer for pickups that makes them unusable.