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Map Showroom / Office interiors from San Andreas
« on April 12th, 2016, 04:10 PM »
Content Type: Map (interiors without furniture)
Original Author: Team of, X-Seti aka. McKay, Kr0Tchy, wantoo, CBool
Source Link:
Modifications: extracted COL/TXD/DFF files, created XML files to VC-MP format
Modified By: Vito
Authorized By Original Author?: No
Content Screenshots:


sa_offices_unp.7z (1.72 MB)
Code: [Select]
objects.xml from <object id="0"> to <object id="36">
sa_offices.xml from <item model="6000" to<item model="6036"

Code: [Select]
FindPlayer(0).Pos=Vector(355.266, 162.094, 1026.78);
FindPlayer(0).Pos=Vector(245.047, 168.672, 1003.5);
FindPlayer(0).Pos=Vector(246.234, 117.805, 1005.61);
FindPlayer(0).Pos=Vector(246.141, 80.313, 1004.08);