Problem for windows xp users

Started by jayant, Jun 06, 2016, 03:15 AM

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Hello people,
                   I dont know the correct board for the stuff, so I am posting here...Straight to point: People who are using windows Xp and join an updated 04rel004 version with GUI stuff crashes the player and he can't spawn, maybe its also crashing the server without any crashlogs..We are losing player base because of windows xp user..Thats what I want to say..Any comment from developers @Stormeus @maxorator will be appreciated. May be this topic had been discussed before,but I thought I should make it.



This topic has been discussed before.

And you should post the bugs and crashes in this board.

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I am not a windows xp user..And I said in my post that may be the topic is already discussed in the forum..The users who want to play in server with 04rel004 with gui things should post their crashlogs in the bugs and crashes board..Anyways, devs already know this.So, there's no point to leave the topic open, locking it.