Mohamed's Account System
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Re: Mohamed's Account System
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Quote from =RK=MarineForce on July 29th, 2018, 08:53 PM
@Mahmoud Tornado can u save this into cmd i don't know here to add it at line

sell prop

player.Cash += prop[ lpid ].Price;

buy prop

player.Cash -= prop[ lpid ].Price;

how to convert this now
Just add local for prop price
Code: [Select]
local moy = prop[ lpid ].Price;

Then use this..
Code: [Select]
DecCash( player, moy );
To delete cash from the player.
and this
Code: [Select]
IncCash( player, moy );
To add cash to the player.

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Re: Mohamed's Account System
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Code: [Select]
plugins sqlite04rel64 squirrel04rel64 announce04rel64 hashing04rel64 xmlconf04rel64

For 64 bit users