please add this back.... / shotguns get jammed bug


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Re: please add this back.... / shotguns get jammed bug
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So the 3 ways this happens are :
1. the way Hunting has been demonstrating in his videos.
2. crouching after the shot to switch sprint and run.
3. switching and then jumping right after the shot

After some experimenting. 1. and 2. can be fixed by changing the reload weapon value to "1". which brings up a problem, all shotguns will be able to shoot really fast like spaz when crouched... and spaz will be able to shoot without reloading. haha. thats the thing with these settings. You fix one thing, another problems arises. but cause 3. is a another even more complicated problem it seems. unless we can allow the shooting animation to continue for a small moment after the jumpshot. (but this might lead us into what we dont want, ghostshots)

I have a feeling there might be a way to prevent the shotguns acting like spaz when crouched. Did'nt experiment with that yet.
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Re: please add this back.... / shotguns get jammed bug
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yep, gulk is correct totally.
if this requires ghost shots to be added, then idk... it's a difficult choice.. but when you think of it, the problem that 0.3z was totally bugged weren't exactly the ghost shots, but the way the sync was scripted, outdated, etc.

however i don't suggest bringing back those glitches... but, well... it's totally up to the devs this time...

in the case that NOTHING can be done and this bug cannot be fixed unless ghost shots are brought back, i suggest we add a poll and let players decide their own fate, if they want to continue this lame way of playing with shotgun, or.. re-add ghost shots ... both alternatives sucks tbh

@gulk see what you can do, keep experimenting, i will do so too and let you know

yes, it happened in 2) and 3) situations for me too, i forgot to mention. and this is not the only situation by the way
it sometimes happers when "hammer shot" is made (as noori used to call it) and that means when you sit in a spot and spam crouch and standing, crouch and standing multiple times then keep shooting again, and start spamming double fire(via hammer shot)....

i still hope for a 3rd way, and maybe from a response from devs if they will be back soon.. because without their opinions, we, the regular players, cannot do much ourselves, since w cannot READ what is in the coding of VCMP itself and what is "under the hood", since we don't have access..

EDIT: meanwhile, we could suggest servers to change the weapons reload value to 1 if we INDEED want a fix and are too fucking impatient. a skilled player will manage to dodge shots no matter the situation (unless this option really sux, i haven't seen the way this behaves so i'm not going to insist on doing so), but what i suggest is we're patient for a fix.... idk, it's up to server owners really now


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Re: please add this back.... / shotguns get jammed bug
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EC only makes things worse for some reason.

as far as i know this bug anyway happens with double-shooting as well anyway... and YES, it gets worse the higher your ping goes.


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Re: please add this back.... / shotguns get jammed bug
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There are a lot Bugs in vcmp specially sync and desync And current hackers of vcmp are destroying the Script somehow that's affecting on the servers not that only glitches, bugs, hacks, and i'm completely shocked That's HunTinG noticed on this thing even he's a hacker that's very incredible he actually caught an underrated Bug So Yes it should be fixed as well. +1


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