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Started by Murdock, Aug 30, 2015, 12:07 AM

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Before I went on holidays, I wrote a list of all bugs i had noticed while scripting my server.
Now that I'm back, I noticed not all of them have been fixed yet, thus I will post the remains of the list as follows;

  • Setting weapon damage only seems to work for melee weapons (As stated in this topic)
  • Setting flags for custom weapons like damage and range in the xml seem to change for both custom weapon and the original (logical) weapon
  • Names of images inside texture files cannot be the same as a file inside another texture file, though maxorator said he was aware of this
  • Joining a server that has low latency causes the client to reconnect 1 or 2 times before joining, together with the bug mentioned about the crash on disconnect it could take up to a minute to join a localhost server.
  • When walking/driving on objects (ie. a bridge) the objects tend to disappear for less than a second, but long enough to make the player fall through it
  • When placing objects on sea (near the Cortez yacht), the coordinates of players, pickups and objects tend to differ
  • Sometimes deleted objects and pickups do not get deleted, instead the collision gets removed and the object becomes only visible from 1 angle
  • The SetHandlingRule function for vehicles does not work with custom vehicles, thus making it harder to create a proper handling for them
  • When a custom sound is playing while driving a vehicle, the sound will stop playing when the vehicle collides with another object
  • When storing GUI references inside a table/array, iterating through them becomes impossible.
    Removing all references is only possible by setting the table to null.
  • When changing the world of a player, often markers on the radar of the players in the previous world would not get deleted
  • Using explosives on a custom object will make all players that are on the object sliding
  • Strange behaviour involving pickups; after picked up the objects disappears but corona stays in place
  • pickup.Respawn() does not seem to work and onPickupRespawn event does not get called
  • Changes to sphere properties (radius/color etc) do not appear until its world is changed
  • Browser: Sorting servers by version does not work
  • Browser: When there are a lot of players the playerlist is not showing (as was the case in vicewar with 80 players)
  • Custom objects disappear for the killed player during the wasted screen, if they die while standing on them
  • After killing a player who had been frozen, the frozen state bugs out where the player can't walk but can still fire weapons
  • Firetruck hose not synced
  • Vehicle doors not synced
  • Teleporting a player who is in a vehicle sometimes does not teleport the player but put the player on top of his vehicle

  • Setting gameplay options such as drive on water and stuntbike per player or world
  • Function to make certain objects dynamic (allow gravity to affect the object), includes having its position/movement synced
  • Setting weather and gravity per player or world (especially useful in RPGs where worlds are used for other buildings, we don't want rain in them)
  • Function to toggle collision of an object per player
  • Option to loop sounds (useful for sounds like alarms)
  • Synced game counter to sync waves, traffic lights and radio stations
  • Custom weapon IDs on player kill event
  • A function like attachEntityToEntity, where entity can be vehicle, player or object
  • A function to attach entity to player bone, as done in SAMP
  • A function to hide a pickup for a specific player
  • An option to toggle the taxi light of a vehicle
  • An option to add or remove cuban exhaust flames to a vehicl
  • Support multiple passengers in the Coach like in 0.3
  • Custom animations support with player.SetAnim, just like with custom weapons
  • All maxorator's vehicle loader features, like support for weapons on vehicles
  • Since it's possible to use other walking styles using custom skins, a player.SetWalkingStyle function would be useful
  • A function to get the position where the player's crosshair is aiming at
  • RGB support for vehicle colors, settable during gameplay (I believe it's already supported in MVL)
  • Setting marker type for players, vehicles and objects. (Radar blip, floating arrow above entity or both) This was added in LU as well.
  • Client-side sound and timer functions
  • Client-side functions to set position and alpha of objects and vehicles (useful for map editing)
  • Client-side function to move an object or vehicle by mouse movement (useful to position object in map editing)
  • An event for extinguishing fires with the firetruck would certainly make RPG servers better
  • FastDL
  • Custom bullet trail texture for custom weapons
  • Synced and settable vehicle variations (vehicle+0x1A2) (opcode 0506 allows a combination of 2 variations to be set)
  • Possibility for players to hijack vehicles or pull players out their car
  • Flag to check if entity is in water
  • Synced and settable vehicle light damage (vehicle+0x2B0) (sync required because lights can also break when ramming the vehicle)
  • Flag to make a custom object pop tyres like the spikestrip objects in singleplayer
  • Sync for other players peds being on fire, and an option to toggle it similar to the bleeding ped option
  • An additional option to player immunities to make a player immune to headshots
  • Client function that exposes the in-game GetGroundZCoord function
  • Option to hide a player marker on radar
  • When reconnecting to a server without the default VC map, you can see that the VC map can be shown or hidden dynamically. It would allow for more mapping possibilities if there was a reserved player World without the VC map


Quote from: Murdock on Aug 30, 2015, 12:07 AM
  • Bikes reverse too fast after the custom vehicles update
This one's hilarious. The first time I found out about this was with a pizza boy, it was actually faster in reverse than normally   driving forward.

Quote from: Murdock on Aug 30, 2015, 12:07 AM
  • A player can still be killed after applying all immunity flags
Yea this one's the most frustrating for me, since the anti-spawn kill system in the CTF server relies on it and it's basically useless without it :/


I totally agree on all the suggestions posted up there, I can't even tell which is the most important of all in those suggestions since all of them are important to take VCMP to a higher level. Nice list Murdock, hope the devs will get this for us soon.


oh no


In addition to Murdock's list I would like to attach a few bugs client and plugin related:

(highlighted the most urgent and critical requests)

  • Objects added via AddObject aren't not being shown in spawn-screen.
  • Sphere radius < 2 won't work
  • Using custom RGB color classes via server.conf makes disappear all the vehicles for no reason
  • Either -1 and 255 aren't applying FFA/DM classes via server.conf.


Hmm, I have never tried to add classes with server.conf, actually I don't have a server.conf file in my server AT ALL
oh no


Quote from: KAKAN on Aug 31, 2015, 08:39 AMHmm, I have never tried to add classes with server.conf, actually I don't have a server.conf file in my server AT ALL
Me too, I hate it


@Castagna Are you talking about classes or vehicles? I'm confused.
If you mean classes, make sure you have an "a" attribute with a default value of 255 for Alpha.


I have tested the classes using server.conf, it doesn't harm my server
oh no


@Thijn, He is talking about classes ( skins ). In 0.3 applying team = 255 or -1 would make it free for all ( independent ). You can kill anyone, which is not working in 0.4


Quote from: Doom_Killer on Aug 31, 2015, 04:52 PM@Thijn, He is talking about classes ( skins ). In 0.3 applying team = 255 or -1 would make it free for all ( independent ). You can kill anyone, which is not working in 0.4
I was talking about the first bold point.


@Thijn I'm talking about the vehicles. Custom RGB in classes are working like a charm.


Quote from: Castagna on Aug 31, 2015, 06:31 PM@Thijn I'm talking about the vehicles. Custom RGB in classes are working like a charm.
RGB colours were never supported though. Which means the plugin fails to read them since it doesn't recognize the format, then obviously the vehicles are not created.


RGB colours are recognized, before some days when i was using ADM script, that time, custom RGB and vehicles were through server.conf file, and they were working like a charm, I never has any problems regarding to custom RGB classes from server.conf
oh no


..any update regarding all this?