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Title: Server/Squirrel Update Released (July 17)
Post by: Stormeus on July 17th, 2016, 08:49 AM
An update for VC:MP 0.4 (04rel004) servers has been released.

Server Update Released

Windows Server (x86)(
Windows Server (x64)(
Linux Server (x86)(
Linux Server (x64)(

An update for Squirrel has also been released:

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***version 3.1 stable***
-added slice range for tolower and toupper
-added startswith() and endswith() in string lib
-added SQ_EXCLUDE_DEFAULT_MEMFUNCTIONS to exclude default mem fuction from compilation
-added sq_getreleasehook
-added thread.wakeupthrow()
-added sq_pushthread
-added \u and \U escape sequence for UTF8,UTF16 or UCS4 characters
-added CMake scripts(thx Fabian Wolff)
-the escape character \x is based on sizeof(SQChar)
-fixed several warnings(thx Markus Oberhumer)
-fixed optimizer bug in compound arith oprators(+=,-= etc...)
-fixed sq_getrefvmcount() (thx Gerrit)
-fixed sq_getrefcount() when no references were added with sq_addref() (thx Gerrit)
-fixed bug in string.tointeger() (thx Domingo)
-fixed weakref comparison in 32bit builds using doubles(thx Domingo)
-fixed compiler bug(thx Peter)
-fixed some error in the documentation(thx Alexander)
-fixed some error reporting in compiler(thx Alexander)
-fixed incorrect optional semicolon after "if block"(thx Alexander)
-fixed crash bug in compiler related to compound arith operators(+=,-= etc...) (thx Jeff1)

***2015-01-10      ***
***version 3.1 RC 1***
-added new header sqconfig.h for all optional type declarations(unicode, 64bits etc..)
-added sq_setsharedforeignptr sq_getsharedforeignptr
-added sq_setsharedreleasehook sq_getsharedreleasehook
-added escape() in sqstd string library
-added __LINE__ and __FILE__ (thx mingodad)
-widechar support on gcc builds
-now boolean can be used in constants
-reduced dependencies on C runtime library
-newthread and sq_newthread() no longer reinitialize the root table on friend VMs(thx Lucas Cardellini)
-exceptions in the _inherited metamethod are propagated(thx Lucas Cardellini)
-'in' operator performance improvement(thx unagipai and mingodad)
-fixes crash in compiler when trying to write 'base'
-fixed bug in switch statement when using locals as case values (thx mingodad)
-fixed bug in print()(thx Lucas Cardellini)

Updated binaries are available on the download page for the Squirrel plugin:
Title: Re: Server/Squirrel Update Released (July 17)
Post by: Kewun on July 17th, 2016, 08:54 AM
First,  finally fixed the timeoit
Title: Re: Server/Squirrel Update Released (July 17)
Post by: KAKAN on July 17th, 2016, 12:18 PM
At last, HeliBladeDamged has been fixed :)
Title: Re: Server/Squirrel Update Released (July 17)
Post by: ysc3839 on July 17th, 2016, 12:44 PM
Oh, I almost forget my pull requset. I'll update it to the newest version and make a new pull request.