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what are the requirements to become an official server?
I have my server since 2017 active and it is not official
General Discussion / Unban masterlist
Oct 09, 2020, 01:55 AM
In which part of the forum do I make a request to unban my VPS IP?
If anyone knows I commented
A few days ago I realized that the servers that you asked for are not appearing in the masterlist. I noticed that something comes out in the cosola

Vice City Multiplayer Server


v0.4, (c) 2007-2014 VC:MP Team

Loaded plugin: xmlconf04rel64

announcer: Verbosity enabled

Loaded plugin: announce04rel64

Loaded plugin: squirrel04rel64

Loaded plugin: sqlite04rel64

Loaded plugin: sockets04rel64

Loaded plugin: hashing04rel64

Loaded plugin: json04rel64

Loaded plugin: vcmp-squirrel-mmdb-rel64

Loaded plugin: geoip04rel64

Loaded plugin: actor64

** Started VC:MP 0.4 Server **

Port: 8192

Max players: 100

[MODULE]  Loaded server.conf Loader for 0.4 by Stormeus

[MODULE]     >> Loaded server.conf for parsing

[MODULE]     >> Applied settings

[MODULE]     >> Loaded classes

[MODULE]     >> Loaded vehicles

[MODULE]     >> Loaded pickups

[MODULE]  Loaded server.conf successfully

announcer: Thread created, ready to announce.

[MODULE]  Loaded SqVCMP 0.4 frontend by Stormeus. (v1.0)

announcer: Candidate for hostname found, trying to connect...

[SCRIPT]  ------------------------------------

[SCRIPT]  Server name: [RD]Latino America VCMP

[SCRIPT]  ------------------------------------

[SCRIPT]  Echo Loaded

[SCRIPT]  [RD]Latino America VCMP v5.7 creado por hendrix iniciado.

[SCRIPT]  Confirming echo bot details...

[SCRIPT]  Bot details confirmed!

[SCRIPT]  Vehiculos Cargados 312

[SCRIPT]  312 and 311

[SCRIPT]  [Loaded] Alias - 6743

[MODULE]  Loaded SQLite3 for VC:MP by Stormeus.

[MODULE]  Loaded sq_sockets for VC:MP by the LU Dev Team (ported by Stormeus).

[MODULE]  Loaded JSON for 0.4 by Crys.

[SqMMDB] Loaded SqMMDB plugin for SqVCMP by ysc3839. (plugin api: 2.0)

[MODULE]  Loaded GeoIP for 0.4 by Crys.

>> Loaded GeoIP.dat (GeoIP Country Edition)

[MODULE]  Loaded module for create_actor

[SCRIPT]  Attempting to set user, nick and mode....

[SCRIPT]  Task completed successfully.

[SCRIPT]  Succesfully joined #LA!

announcer: Failed to announce to; socket failed to connect to host (0)

announcer: Candidate for hostname found, trying to connect...

this is an ip from one of the servers. but none of the servers that I give them free hosting appear.
Support / problems with the launcher
Oct 03, 2019, 09:58 PM
just now run the vcmp launcher and I found this

Hi  ::)

it would be possible that vcmp is compatible with Fast Dl in that way the mod would download faster as in cs1.6.
Hello everyone, my name is Hendrix I am the owner of the server: [RD] Latin America.
I'm thinking of designing an Open source script with a version control system where everyone who wants to from the community can contribute, report bug and give ideas such as the Linux kernel community. It would be an Open source script where anyone who wants it could download it and put it on their server that would always be updated and optimized by the community.
The basis of the Script would be VC: MP Blank Server (13rd Feb, 2019) from there it would begin everything.
What do you think?

New players can not enter and the host has expired

I'm sorry for my English